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    A number of technology inventions have completely recasted the set of circumstances of the business world. The increase in the use of internet has to a great extent assisted businesses to march towards significant developments and success. Till date the sector has been putting forward state-of-the-art technology which led to the overall development of enterprises. The pre-eminence of this industry has attracted industry oracles and entrepreneurs towards it making it a million dollar industry, which is expected to a staggering USD 26.95 billion by 2020 on a global platform. In India alone, the market is estimated to grow at a lightning speed so as to touch the mark of 1.9 billion this very year. The intensive use of IoT in day-to-day business has propelled a large number of...

10 Most Promising IoT Training Institutes - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ajlon Ajlon M S Ajmal Deen Ali, Director Delivers Business Innovation, Integration and Transformation through disruptive technologies like SMAC (Social - Mobility Analytics Cloud), IoT and Big Data
Cranes Varsity Cranes Varsity Asif Khader, Director Brings training in Embedded Systems, IOT, Data Analytics, DSP, Android, Java, Matlab, Big Data, Hadoop, Linux and VLSI into an online platform through live virtual classes.
I S M I S M Dr. Loganathan.V , Founder Proffers an interesting course which prepares you as matured Embedded & IoT Engineer, and puts you in future track with AIML implementation
Linux Kernel Linux Kernel Raghu Bharadwaj, Founder Provides training for software professional and students with a broad, versatile skillset and coupled with industry input for continuous curriculum updates
Networkz Systems Networkz Systems Alagar Rajan, Executive Director, Dr. Chackochen Mathai, Director An organization specialized in delivering standard and custom training programs in various areas of networking, software engineering,electronics engineering and management courses
Open Source Technologies Open Source Technologies Sageer Mohammad, Co-Founder & Director Aims at addressing the following factors for making the IoT education and research contributing to development at large
Riyasaa Labs Riyasaa Labs Premlatha, Managing Director Focuses on producing high quality IoT professionals by offering Certifications, Training, Workshops and Internship for all Under-Graduate, Graduate students and interested candidates
   Softlogic Softlogic Ashok Pathirage, Chairman A unique training center that focuses on total hands-on practical oriented training in the field of embedded IoT
TechieYan Technologies TechieYan Technologies Bangaru Harivendrana Chary, CEO and Co-Founder, Lamture Shraddha, CFO & Co-Founder Aspires to make advanced technologies simpler and easier for individual and making them tomorrow’s developers and inventors