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  • 10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2018

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai once proclaimed the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be ‘more profound’ than the impact of electricity or fire. Today, artificial intelligence dribbles into our day to day life with so many useful features such as calculating the estimated arrival time and pricing of your Uber ride, your recommendations on Spotify, Amazon and more. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that AI could create between $3.5 -$5.8 trillion in annual value globally each year. AI’s potential impact is still questioned about its soft skills generation like creativity, global mindset, diversity acumen, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and mindfulness are the upcoming essential skills for future. It enables humans with capabilities of understanding...

10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
360DigitalTransformation 360DigitalTransformation Vikas Mittal, CEO Prepares the next-gen of AI geniuses using Agile methodology along with training support in terms of project and clarification via its best-in-class infrastructure
Coding Elements Coding Elements Mudit Goel, Founder & Lead Instructor Offering programming courses in AI, Java, Andorid and others with high qualified trainers from top companies like LinkedIn
Datamites Datamites kamakshi Chemikala, CEO Offering cost-effective, quality and real-time training courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Machine learning, Data Mining, Tableau associate Text Mining, Python programming, Deep Learning and more by aiding the software professionals, analytics, companies and freshers for their successful career
E2 Matrix E2 Matrix Pankaj Bagga, Researcher Supervising in the selection of Master thesis topics and PhD field in Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Electrical domain, Artificial Intelligence and more with research tools such as MATLAB, NS2, NS3, Cloudsim and more
IT Bodhi IT Bodhi Amar Chauhan, Founder Providing courses with its development tools and services that are designed to enhance attraction, culture change, talent engagement, leadership capability and organization performance
Jazari Institute Of Artificial Intelligence Jazari Institute Of Artificial Intelligence Rahul Leekha, CEO Up-skilling the Indian workforce to match the massive industry demands for Artificial Intelligence research and its applications with its research-oriented courses developed in alliance with industry
Near And Learn Near And Learn Bhabani Sankar Jena, Founder & CEO Specializing in classroom, workshop, corporate, self-paced and live instructor-led online trainings with their unique approach for teaching practices and ensuring every professional is skilled
Research Infinite Solutions Research Infinite Solutions Raman Arora, Manager Renowned for research work services by adding values to clients with its machine learning and deep learning based services to generate accurate results