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  • 10 Most Promising Global Management College - 2022

    Whether it is the corporate sector or the public sector, management is an essential part of the system. The young management professionals are transforming businesses worldwide even without any experience, only through their excellent skills learned at the management education level. With brilliant innovations and entrepreneurial thought leadership, the education providers help in defining pedagogy as per the ever-changing. The management education system helps in creating a mindset of `being own boss' at work in the mindset of the looming professionals. Some of the age-old leaders with success in the business education module say, "Management is about great leadership. A person with excellent and effective communication, resilient in nature, able to read numbers, and having...

10 Most Promising Global Management College - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
IAE Aix Marseille Graduate School Of Management IAE Aix Marseille Graduate School Of Management Antonin Ricard,Dean A French public business school that offers EQUIS accredited humanistic leadership courses focused on developing responsible managers of tomorrow committed to the common good
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Audencia Audencia Françoise Marcus, General Delegate Offers excellent world-class management & business education with courses in bachelors, business administration, masters and executive education
Australia Institute Of Business And Technology Australia Institute Of Business And Technology Fiona Kee, Head - Strategy Providing management education platform for students from 80+ countries with management courses in project management at diploma, advanced diploma, bachelors & masters and certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Australian Technical And Management College Australian Technical And Management College Dr. Manish Malhotra, MD & CEO A multi-sector university offering global management education Bachelor of Business, Graduate Certificate of Management, Graduate Diploma of Management, Master of Business Administration (Health Service Management) and Master of Business Administration (International Business)
Concordia University Concordia University Jonathan Wener, Chancellor A world-class management education provider with courses in management at bachelors, masters and online courses focused on experiential learning & corporate operations for businesses and more
Deakin University Deakin University Lisa Hanna, Dean - Students Renowned for offering excellent and effective management education in human resource development with factors including business ethics, sustainability & corporate social responsibility, international, regional & rural business and more
GISMA Business School GISMA Business School Gerhard Schröder, Founder Imparting topnotch management education through objective oriented learning with courses in business & management at masters and bachelors level
New European College New European College Sascha Liebhardt, Chancellor Provider of applicable management education in Bachelor of International Business Administration, Master of Business Management, and Master of Business Administration, including learning culture learning through experience
Robert H Smith School Of Business Robert H Smith School Of Business Prabhudev Konana, Dean A comprehensive business school offering world-class degree programs at every level from undergraduate degree, Masters and PhDs in online as well as on-campus learning modes at the global level
University Of Windsor University Of Windsor Daniel Dillon, Digital Strategy Manager A renowned university offering management education imbibed with amalgamation of artistry, conventional learning, enterprise management, investigative through process formation, realistic educative challenges and social responsibility