Vidal NDT: Making Students Industry Ready with Quality NDT Courses

T. Meher Pretham,  FounderAfter completing mechanical engineering, students are exposed to a lot of rigidity because it becomes difficult for them to get decent employment in the core mechanical production divisions like oil and gas rigs or refineries. Hailing from the same branch of study, T. Meher Pretham, Founder, Vidal NDT, faced analogous tribulations. Meher says, “There are jobs, but inadequate practical skills and lack of exposure to various industry practices in mechanical engineering is the sole reason for unemployment. The ones who successfully complete at least one certification either in production or testing segment alongside pursuing regular education are the ones who could still grab the golden opportunity of working in the core fields of mother of all engineering branches. So, to create awareness and guide students who are deprived of such chances, I incepted Vidal NDT and started delivering apposite non-destructive testing training.”

Located in one of the busiest areas of Vijayawada, Vidal NDT is an ISO 9001-2015 and MSME certified training institute imparting Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic Testing, Radiography Film Interpretation, Visual Testing NDT training courses. “We are first hand corporate partners of ASNT (American Society for Non-destructive Testing) and adhere to their stated regulation in SNT - TC 1A 2011. And
we are having association with Steinbeis Center of Technology Transfer India and Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation for amplifying students’ learning,” states Meher. Apart from providing hands-on guidance on NDT, Vidal NDT is responsible for preparing students for industrial engineering management careers through its post graduation programme in industrial engineering management. This is a year’s programme where students learn about NDT quality assurance, quality control, lead auditing, design, power plant, and more, and attain expertise to work in the management level positions. They are the first institute in whole of India to offer a post graduation course in NDT.

Be it a student from chemistry honors, or mechanical, aerospace, aeronautical, automobile engineering, Vidal NDT is granting any degree holder to pursue NDT courses.

Be it a student from chemistry honors, or mechanical, aerospace, aeronautical, automobile engineering, Vidal NDT is granting any degree holder to pursue NDT courses. “Nowadays, particularly the mechanical engineering graduates are having enormous theoretical knowledge; however, they are short of sound practical knowledge. And the industry is givingopportunities to them who have an amalgamation of both. They do not eye on the degree a student holds.

Consequently, we are trying to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge of the students coming from any background,” elucidates Meher.

With an experienced and prestigious group of trainers, Vidal NDT has crafted out a training methodology with four critical dynamics of theoretical training, practical training, industrial visit and internship training to prepare the students ingeniously. They have tie-ups with many industrial giants where students can join and work as interns. “As I have told earlier, there are companies hiring students but only the ones with extensive practical exposure. So, to ensure that our students are well prepared to join the workforce after completing training here at Vidal NDT, we are giving them an opportunity to know how the industry works and what are the starting and ending NDT processes via internship programmes,” cites Meher. Vidal NDT also has a dedicated placement cell that sends the shortlisted students directly for interviews. The placement cell has a success rate of above 70 percent in placing the students.

While many training institutes stop exploring new dimensions, Vidal NDT has other plans. Currently, they are at the verge of introducing professional solar courses and fire and safety courses. They also want to endow with efficient engineering services, non-destructive testing and inspections in the coming days.