Suryadatta Education Foundation's Suryadatta International Institute of Cyber Security: Imparting Cyber Security Courses to Build Expertise to Protect Businesses from Cyber Crimes

Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya,Founder, President and Chairman

Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya

Founder, President and Chairman

Cyber Security is one of the most important aspects of the corporate world today where expertise is a key factor to support business continuity in a workspace. Since cyber crimes are getting complex day by day, students with indepth knowledge about Cyber Security is much needed today. Offering courses in the specialized field of Cyber Security and Digital Science, Suryadatta International Institute of Cyber Security (SIICS) has carved a niche as a Cyber Security training expert in the market. Established in 1999, Suryadatta Education Foundation aimed to build self-motivated leaders who can make a mark in the aligning and vibrant economy. Its Cyber Security course equips its students with the right skills and knowledge required for the protection of the Cyber infrastructure of the nation and mankind to a large extent. This course also helps the students to learn how to prevent Cyber attacks of all kinds and mitigate the risks and fallout of Cyber attacks.

“Our society today is dependent on technology and protecting that upon which we depend should be in the forefront of every individual’s mind. The gadgets and the networks we communicate on must be secure, which means cyber security is very much needed to form the basis of every new technology going forward,” Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, the Founder President and Chairman of SEF. He also says that there are various reasons for the possibilities of cyber warfare, cybercrime, cyber fraud, etc. Therefore, big data and more connected devices along with Cyber and Digital Science have come into sharp focus for the protection of business activities.
Cyber Security and Digital Science skills are thus in higher demand now a days than ever before. “In the global platform today, knowledge, experience, and skills aren't enough for employ ability and professional success.They must be backed by professional Certifications and continual improvement in skills to stay up on the latest threats and technology” Dr Sanjay adds. Therefore, Suryadatta’s certificates added after the successful completion of assessment are the additional way to prove competency in the global business today.

Suryadatta has students across the country and the globe who are pursuing higher education in different streams at the various Suryadatta institutes

Cyber Security Course
B.Sc Cyber & Digital Science programmes offered by Suryadatta International Institute of Cyber Security (SIICS) in affiliation to the Savitribai Phule Pune University shall develop world class skilled and certified professionals who are ready to contribute on the global stage. As a part of cybersecurity, students shall learn cryptographic techniques that can be used to defend data in transit between systems, reducing the probability that critical data exchanged between systems can be intercepted or modified and also guard against loss or theft. Students will therefore also get exposed to cyber law and related aspects. The required skills are analytics, engineering, and software development, and also highly specialised functions such as intrusion detection(monitoring suspicious activity on the network),access management, risk auditing, cryptography forensic sciences, and network security. Companies look for people who can manage advanced technologies, take care of the transformation from legacy to new age systems, and innovate.

The institute has established robust connections with the industry, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and professionals in this arena. The Cyber Advisory Council at SIICS comprises academiciansindustry professionals, IT administrators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and bureaucrats with expertise in this area.

Suryadatta has students across the country and the globe who are pursuing higher education in different streams at the various Suryadatta institutes. Around 70,000 students to date have completed their Bachelors, Post Graduate and Master’s Degree, in fields like Business Management, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Cyber Security, and others from different Suryadatta institutes. Suryadatta has received the 'A' Category among top 50 Group of Institutions in India for 19 consecutive years from leading national surveys.