TechTrunk: Delving Deep into the World of Mathematics to Impart AI Skills

Practice mathematics more & more – this advice from Facebook’s Yann LeCun & Joaquin Quiñonero Candela who run the company’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Applied Machine Learning group respectively, to students interested in AI reflect the importance of mathematics in AI. Unfortunately, for many AI institutes, Mathematics & AI often appear as disconnected fields; however, they are two branches of the same tree. Algorithms are the DNA of AI, and Mathematics is the DNA of algorithms. Clearly, grasping this concept is TechTrunk. TechTrunk’s courses delve deep into the world of mathematics and facilitate candidates to learn the mathematical background behind Data Handling, AI & Machine Learning Algorithms, and NLP.

Nonpareil Learning Methodology

AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning courses offered by TechTrunk is a one-stop solution for the enthusiasts, IT & non-IT professionals desiring to learn the emerging technologies of Industry 4.0. For instance, its flagship programs Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning (three months), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (two months), and Data Science & Machine Learning (three months) encompass the whole spectrum of Big Data. Facilitating its candidates to run the applications on cloud-based platforms and up-skill their cloud computing skills, TechTruck’s courses also cover demos and webinars on how to use AI-based tools by exposing learners to standard Cloud-based AI services that include Microsoft Azure ML Studio, AWS Machine Learning, AWS Sagemaker, Azure bot Framework, and other cloud platforms.
Sageer Mohammad,Co-Founder & Director

AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning courses offered by TechTrunk is a one-stop solution for the enthusiasts, IT & non-IT professionals desiring to learn the emerging technologies of Industry 4.0

The courses are taught through online live LED classes and regular classrooms by working professionals & consultants from renowned organizations possessing over a decade of experience. Ensuring candidates better understand the concepts & study in a tech-savvy manner, TechTrunk leverages technologies like GotoTraining Portal by LogMeIn, DigitalWriting board by Wacom, Google Smart Digital Classroom, LMS by Moodle, Office Intelligent services, Cloud Labs with AWS (for cloud-based training for Deep Learning) and more. Working with real-time case studies like AI based security systems, AI to optimize IT operations, chatbots and assessing the requirement for deploying an AI model in terms of infrastructural investment, time & economic benefits, and the process optimization makes TechTrunk’s courses a best fit for people from IT.
Moreover, real-time & collaborative projects among participants, continuous assessment & practice exercises, lifetime access to Learning Management System, and more, speak volumes about the nonpareil learning methodology advocated by TechTrunk. The ones who go through all the levels of projects and complete the assignments are assisted by the institute to get absorbed in the IT companies as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and other top-notch positions.

TechTrunk has been working on various government data sets available to get insights from the data and help news portals for right information. It is also developing learning chatbots as a product for L&D department of IT companies. Besides collaborating with researchers & IT professionals from various organizations for training requirements, TechTruck also enables its trainers to work on different IT projects, ensuring they gain real-time industry experience that helps it to deliver the high-quality training.

Making Learning More Exciting & Interactive

Incepted in 2015, TechTruck’s revenue has witnessed a three-fold growth since last year. With strong presence in Hyderabad & Jaipur, the institute targets to connect more than one million learners from different continents. Aiming to make learning more exciting & interactive thereby improve the learner’s experience, TechTrunk is building a game-based learning platform. “Our AI experts are also building a Smart Career Building portal, wherein the professionals can discover their hidden abilities and choose the right domain for their career,” concludes Sageer Mohammed, Embedded Systems & Robotics Engineer, TechTruck.