Riyasaa Labs: The New Way to Success!

Premlatha, Managing Director


Managing Director

With the increased penetration of internet and affordability of Smartphone, the IoT market in India is growing at a frantic pace. As with the growth of the consumer IoT applications, there has been an upsurge in the demand of IoT training institutes as well. Taking a cue from this prevailing contingency, the space is booming with such institutes who are furnishing advanced fullstack developed embedded IoT training programs. One particular company that is providing excellent IoT training and certifications to students in the domain is Coimbatore based Riyasaa Labs. "By 2020, the impact of Internet of Things will play a major role in corporate business models which will create a huge employment opportunities for IoT professionals. At Riyasaa Labs we are focused on producing high quality IoT professionals by offering Certifications, Training, Workshops and Internship for all UnderGraduate, Graduate students and interested candidates by incorporating with our industrial partners," says Premlatha, Managing Director, Riyasaa Labs.

Working for the advancement of Smart Nation and for enhancing the quality of engineering education through practice and Application, the company provides IoT training and certifications to students focused on the current requirements from industries in the area of IoT, Edge Computing, Machine Learning, Web technologies which
in turn helps them to choose the right career path. The major courses and certifications offered under IoT training are divided into three categories mainly In Plant Training a one to three week training to college students on the IoT and web technologies giving them an overview of current technologies that the industries are using to build solutions, Faculty Development Program a two day course about the modern tools and current technologies in the IoT domain that is focused on educating faculties on how they can make use of such platforms to bring a unique teaching experience to the students, IoT product development course a five day program open to all the enthusiasts and new entrepreneurs covering most of the modern technologies used in the IoT and how it can be taken to market rapidly using open source platforms.

Riyaasa Labs is focused on producing high quality IoT professionals by offering Certifications, Training, Workshops and Internship

All the trainers at Riyasaa Labs are highly skilled and hold expertise in specific domains with industrial experiences and teaching passion wherein they toil hard each day to train the students by making them understand the core concepts in the IoT domain and preparing them for the industrial work. Following a practical teaching method, the company also allows the students to make use of their maker's labs which has all the latest smart devices for their research, learning and development, thus paving a way for them to experience what they learn and help them to apply the technologies in their daily life. "We believe in guiding the student in right direction to choose proper career path upon their interest. Also, we believe in working together with our diverse partners who are expertise in Robotics, Machine Learning and Software development," adds Dr. S. Arumuga Perumal, Senior Advisor, Riyaasa Labs.

Established in 2017, Riyasaa Labs has seen a tremendous growth where all its courses are now recognized by India's biggest tech non-profit organizations like Institute of Engineers(IE)and Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE). Due to its quality training and commitment to Universities, the company exhibits a regular growth in the number of the students and also has its incubation centre in three colleges of Tamil Nadu. "We are currently developing our own cloud platform to connect IoT devices for teaching students through open source tools and encourage students to contribute more on Open Source communities," concludes Premlatha.