Quanticforce: Ensuring Quality over Quantity

  Shreedhar Bhat,  Founder & Mentor

Shreedhar Bhat

Founder & Mentor

The development of communities revolves around civil engineers, wherein, communities could not progress and prosper without their special talents. Structures that are man-made or naturally occurring in the environment are the focus of civil engineering, which also includes their design, building, and maintenance. The civil engineering market is anticipated to expand in tandem with the growing urban population. It is anticipated that one key driver of growth will be an increase in government spending on infrastructure development and construction, particularly in developing nations. The market for civil engineering will likely experience rapid growth in the next few years.

Shreedhar Bhat a solopreneur has worked in the engineering sector for the past 35 years, living in several locations, working for different organizations, and getting to know many individuals. Throughout this time, he has observed that people, both newcomers and seasoned professionals, lack information. When he conducted his analysis, he found that most of those individuals lack access to the firm's knowledge pool as a result of organizational policies and the cadres they held within the organization. During the pandemic in 2020, the concept of sharing this information emerged, leading to the founding of Quanticforce. Leveraging over 35 years of experience in the sector, Quanticforce offers application-based knowledge. It is a platform for exchanging
useful knowledge online. It offers factual information based on site data from previous, completed projects.

Quanticforce's online courses provide real-world examples of previous projects through video lectures or PowerPoint presentations. It can be accessed online and through a mobile app as well. Anyone with a mobile phone who wants to learn more and advance their knowledge can enroll online and complete the courses, regardless of where they are in the country or on the site. To get answers to questions, one can post them on the company's website or WhatsApp, or Telegram. Everyone desires ready-made answers, herein lies the USP of Quanticforce since knowledge sharing is based on experience, which prepares one for future occurrences of a similar nature. Its platform characteristics include skilled professors, expanding network, developing vision, learning at any time, learning and earning, advancing your professional career, notes and explanations, and inexpensive price. Without spending so much time going through the Videos/PPTs, a person cannot access the certification. The course prices at Quanticforce are extremely low, there is no time limit and access is granted for a lifetime.

Quanticforce teaches all to grow in their Construction profession

The Institutional of Education is theoretical, and many people, particularly those in the junior cadre, are unable to finance higher education. Neither the small & medium-level organizations provide in-house training. For the vast majority of people who have practical knowledge but are unable to relate it to theory and other disciplines, there is a need for basic knowledge, for nontechnical people, diploma holders, etc., this is where the Quanticforce bridge links. Sharing expertise and supporting the industry is more important than anything else. What the technically qualified individuals lack is a practical application, which the company offers together with project-based knowledge. Those who complete the Quanticforce Online program will be job-ready because it is more based on practical experience. For those who need to improve their practical expertise. No university level or intuitive education is offered by the company.

“Although we do not offer scholarships since we believe in the quality of education, the online training modules are inexpensive enough for most people to purchase. To maintain the process of knowledge exchange, our idea is to establish a community”, concludes Shreedhar Bhat.