Leadership Matters: Trusted Growth Drivers For Future Entrepreneurs

Anand Pillai,Managing Director

Anand Pillai

Managing Director

Although Asset Utilization remains as the mainstay in most B-School’s course offerings, such narratives still fall weak to nurture innovative leaders and happens to be the prime ‘lagging indicators’ for their shortcomings. Such lagging indicators are typically output-oriented (turnover, profits & percentage growth), are easy to measure but hard to improve or influence. Thus, one should deploy input-oriented ‘leading indicators’ (Process interventions, Systemic changes & Beginner mindset) which are easy to improve or influence the leading minds to rear innovative & effective marketers.

With a collective experience of over 100 man-years & effective leadership mentoring strategies based on such leading indicators, Leadership Matters (LM) has propelled over 100 companies to seed intrapreneurial culture at the client’s organization. Currently LM is among the trusted growth drivers for MSMEs operating in leading metros (Pune, Bangalore, & Mumbai) across India.

LM was incepted by seasoned transformation guru & leadership coach, Anand Pillai (Managing Director) in 2015, to coach CXOs and middle managers from IT, finance, hospitality, and government firms. Anand spearheads a group of experienced personals, who have garnered decades of hands-on experience in Blue Ocean Strategy, Sales, Organizational Transformation, Leadership Mentoring and Succession
Planning from holding top management positions with P&L responsibility, at top 25 companies of India, to deliver and develop a complete result-based pedagogy.

Anand avers, “We offer best-in-class and time-tested models/frameworks coupled with the world’s best management practices (like Boundary Management, Leading Indicators Beginner Mindset, Agility Thinking and Escape Velocity) to uplift the client’s performance & behaviors. Each coaching/training session is under pinned with the drive to improve the organization’s bottom line”. LM offers various courses/models encompassing keynote addresses, personal branding workshops, Blue Ocean, sales training & business transformation interventions, , leadership development & succession planning interventions and management assessment workshops, which are tailored according to the leadership’s needs.

We offer best-in-class and time-tested models/frameworks coupled with the world’s best management practices to uplift the client’s performance & behaviors

As clients expect institutions to cover maximum course in short interventions, LM always stays abreast to deliver effective sessions. Anand states, “By clearly outlining the deliverables and focusing on the leading indicators, we effectively deliver our courses as long-term consultations or short /medium interventions as per our client’s wish.”

Strategizing Business Models
To completely handhold the new entrepreneurs, LM offers development & innovation management courses, which consists of advanced tools and management strategies to help them achieve better consumer transaction. After completing the growth phase of the business life cycle, new enterprises require expert hand holding. Again, for a seamless transformation from a startup to a functional business, LM offers assistance to all such requirements by setting up corporate functions (like HR, strategy & business development and so forth) as well.

With its huge bucket of offerings, currently LM is experiencing an astounding year-on-year growth of 32 percent. Anand concludes, “The Roadmap for Leadership Matters is to continue to be a significant partner in the business transformation (CTB or Change the Business initiative rather than RTB or Run the Business) initiative of our client organizations.”