Deekay Excellence: Unleashing Leadership Brilliance through Personalized Transformation

Deepa Kannan,  Executive Leadership Coach

Deepa Kannan

Executive Leadership Coach

In the ever-evolving realm of business, effective leadership stands as the linchpin to success, prompting organizations to invest significantly in Leadership Development and Training programs. Recognizing the critical role leaders play in steering the ship through challenges and opportunities, these initiatives have become indispensable for cultivating tomorrow's leaders. However, as businesses grapple with unprecedented challenges, ranging from technological disruptions to global uncertainties, the demand for resilient, visionary, and adaptable leaders has never been higher.

Deekay Excellence, established in 2018, was born out of a vision to cultivate quality coaches and transformative leaders who possess self-awareness about their leadership styles, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and values.

Focused on corporate sectors, the firm’s coaching extends to both seasoned leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them in developing the necessary mindset for leadership. With a Founder bringing 17 years of corporate experience from esteemed organizations like JCPENNEY, Amex, Infosys, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America, Deekay Excellence offers a unique blend of insights.

“Recognizing the temporary impact of short-term programs, we shifted to a six-month model, ensuring sustained transformation through weekly sessions, coaching, and self awareness activities. Our approach goes beyond dependency; we empower leaders to serve themselves and others effectively, fostering lasting change”, speaks Deepa Kannan, Executive Leadership Coach.
Deekay Excellence offers a comprehensive suite of three primary offerings to empower leaders and organizations in their journey toward excellence. Firstly, the firm’s intuitive one-to-one coaching caters to COOs, senior leaders, SVPs, VPs, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, providing personalized leadership coaching to enhance their strategic acumen and self-awareness.

Secondly, the company’s leadership group coaching for corporates is designed to foster alignment among leaders during organizational changes or the creation of new visions and purposes. This involves exploring individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a cohesive approach towards shared goals. Lastly, Deekay Excellence takes pride in providing ICF-accredited coach training programs at both Level One and Level Two ACTP. These programs equip aspiring coaches with the skills to coach individuals and teams effectively, offering ACC and PCC certifications.

“At Deekay Excellence, our approach to leadership development goes beyond traditional consulting. We refrain from merely offering solutions; instead, we embark on a journey of self-discovery with leaders, bridging the gap between their current state and organizational expectations. With a repertoire of over 50 topics, our coaching programs delve into diverse areas, from Mindful and conscious leadership, and therapy to exploring leadership presence, stakeholder management, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, introspective leadership, and more”, shares Deepa Kannan.

This expansive range allows organizations to tailor programs to their specific needs, even introducing new topics relevant to their unique challenges. The firm’s unique selling proposition lies in the emphasis on internal learning fostering self awareness and realization. Unlike external examples, we focus on small, concentrated batches of five to ten individuals, ensuring personalized attention that facilitates genuine, transformation.

Deekay Excellence, founded as a sole proprietorship, has evolved into a dynamic collaborative group of coaches, including Karthik, Suresh and Priya with Shyam as Performance Evaluator. Distinct from traditional hierarchical structures, the firm operates as a collective, embracing collaborative leadership. “Having served over 300 leaders across six countries, including the UK, US, Canada, India, UAE, and Netherlands, our global reach underscores our commitment to transformative coaching.

Cumulatively we have 8000+ hrs of coaching experience among Deekay Excellence coaches and mentor coaches. Total of 100 years of collective experience and wisdom in corporate for Deekay Excellence coaches”, adds Deepa Kannan. Currently focused on individual coaching, coach training, and leadership coaching, the firm's future expansion hinges towards creating Master coaches (MCC) and Leadership programs based on Market demands as it believes in continuous learning.