Kartikeya Soft: Creating Highly-Skilled DevOps Professionals for Greater Automation & Innovation

Kartikeya Rajulapati,  Senior Cloud Architect

Kartikeya Rajulapati

Senior Cloud Architect

As the technology realm in India gains considerable momentum, the domain of DevOps is poised to witness unprecedented growth, creating a demand for skilled DevOps professionals. But besides being the most rewarding career choice, DevOps is also claimed to be a challenging concept to master as it extends beyond just technical proficiency and includes other skills that deliver automation and productivity. This is where training institutes play a pivotal role. While most trainers promise to fill the crater of efficient DevOps engineers, not all possess an amalgamation of profound experience, a proven track record, communicative and collaborative aptitude, and, most importantly, a genuine dedication to teaching. Backed by extensive expertise in adding value to the IT and training industries, Kartikeya, a distinguished IT consultant, DevOps expert, and technology enthusiast, stands as the perfect embodiment of all the aforementioned qualities. Kartikeya has been proactive in creating highly-qualified DevOps professionals who can efficiently cater to the dynamic needs of technology-driven companies while simultaneously enabling the learners to reap commensurate DevOps careers through his distinctive venture, Kartikeya Soft.

Although he accumulated diverse layers of mastery over teaching and the IT domain in the initial phase of his career, it was his
ardent passion for teaching that propelled Kartikeya to establish Kartikeya Soft. Renowned for its unparalleled quality standards of education, Kartikeya Soft operates with the primary objective of equipping aspirants with hands-on skills to seamlessly handle DevOps-focused developments in a company. “DevOps is not limited to only the development team but is vital wherever there is a need for automation in workflow. The whole process methodology varies from one department to another. So, I endeavor to make the students understand automation from their potential professional roles in a company", explains Kartikeya Rajulapati, Senior Cloud Architect.Under his sole leadership, the 5-year old venture offers comprehensive training, right from fundamentals to advanced models, across five courses, enveloping the combination of DevOps with cloud, Docker with Kubernetes, DevOps with Azure Admin, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“Having trained over 5000 students in my professional journey, I am committed to handholding learners, encompassing freshers and experienced employees from IT as well as non-IT backgrounds, who want to advance their DevOps careers”, adds Kartikeya. Bifurcated between morning and evening on all seven days of a week, these interactive online live classes and YouTube sessions have garnered an impressive 4.5 star rating on Google and massive recognition from national as well as international learners and institutes. Many of his students have received the highest-paying job opportunities, not only in India but in other countries like the US and the UK.

Unlike most others, Kartikeya understands the significance of first-language mentoring and has integrated full-fledged training in Telugu into his pedagogy, thereby enabling his students to comprehend and retain information effectively. But he also places equal emphasis on equipping the students to communicate in English, mainly to navigate interviews and the corporate environment. Through his one-on one guidance, a learner can not only build a stronger resume but also business-must skills to ace the interviews, constantly analyzing the areas for improvement.

In addition, by imparting practical knowledge, he helps the participants, especially the non-IT employees, quickly adapt to the related technologies and tools, corporate work culture, team communication, and such other intricate components by offering them industry-specific use cases. Presently, with 200+ students across 5 courses, he aspires to create a roadmap for IT aspirants to choose optimal DevOps paths. He also envisions contributing to the creation of high-level, cutting-edge projects by utilizing transformative innovations like Chat GPT and Google Bard through his future courses, in turn revolutionizing automation.