LearnDevopsOnline: Unleashing the Power of Comprehensive DevOps Curriculum through Modern Project-Based Learning

Sriharsha Venkata Raghu  Kalluru,  FounderDevops training institutes hold a critical role in preparing professionals to navigate the ever evolving landscape of DevOps, providing indispensable knowledge and hands-on experience. By equipping individuals with the skills necessary to streamline software development and IT operations, these institutes foster efficiency and collaboration within the technology industry. A notable trailblazer in this domain is LearnDevopsOnline, leading a transformation in DevOps training across globe. Their focus on a comprehensive and ever-evolving curriculum, coupled with interactive learning and real-world projects, underscores their commitment to excellence. The hallmark of their approach lies in their collaboration with the wider DevOps, community, consulting industry experts, and open-source contributors. This synergy ensures that students receive the most contemporary and practical knowledge available, further enhancing their proficiency and relevance in the field.

“Instead of typical academic content delivery, we use greenfield approach. Students start a real-world project from scratch, just like professionals. This method speeds learning and gives more hands-on experience”, explains Sriharsha Venkata Raghu Kalluru, Founder, LearnDevopsOnline.

Elevating DevOps Training in India
LearnDevopsOnline believes in inclusivity, allowing individuals from various backgrounds to pursue DevOps courses. The eligibility criteria are intentionally broad,
welcoming engineering and mathematics graduates, as well as those working in IT-related roles. This open approach ensures that a diverse group of learners can access quality DevOps education. “Unlike others, we have a commitment to deliver complex projects. Many institutions offer hello world projects that illustrate real world applicability just partially. LearnDevopsOnline, adopts IBM Opensource project, prioritizes larger, more complicated projects. These job market-driven initiatives give students the skills and experience they need to succeed”, states Raghu.

LearnDevopsOnline's inception is rooted in a commitment to addressing the challenges in traditional DevOps training

Nevertheless, LearnDevopsOnline's inception is rooted in a commitment to addressing the challenges in traditional DevOps training. The Founders recognized the need for a more practical, industry-oriented approach. They were determined to break away from the academic style that left students ill-prepared for real-world scenarios. Additionally, recognizing that not all students can attend live sessions, LearnDevopsOnline offers a passive mode to accommodate those who may miss live sessions. This approach includes recorded content and opportunities for students to interact with instructors. Regardless of whether they attend live sessions or not, every student has access to the same high-quality training and engagement with instructors. “The objective was to simplify DevOps principles from the start. Albert Einstein stated that, 'If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'. We follow this principle, making every topic easily understandable”, adds Raghu.

Furthermore, this excellent training procedure is supported by the company's industry- and training experienced instructors. They can help students through this field's complexities with over 15 years of professional experience, 13 years of training, and knowledge in many DevOps tools. The professors can apply academic principles to real-world applications due to their broad expertise, giving students unique insights and practical knowledge. To stay current, LearnDevopsOnline's faculty reads industry news, podcasts, and specialized journals. Tech talks with corporations and forum participation keep educators up to date on trends and technologies.

Therefore, LearnDevopsOnline is leading the charge in transforming DevOps training in India. With its commitment to a comprehensive curriculum, modern project-based learning, and a flexible approach, it equips learners with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the dynamic world of DevOps. Hence, through its dedication to inclusivity and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, LearnDevops Online sets a new standard for DevOps education.