Jazari Institute of Artificial Intelligence: Up-Skilling Candidates with Scholarly & Research AI Skills

Even with a tech-savvy talent pool, prominent universities & entrepreneurs, India lags in AI development. Why? ‘National Strategy on AI’ report released by NITI mentions that India lags significantly behind the superpowers in fundamental research and resources. The country published less than 600 papers on AI in 2016. The need of the hour is to impart candidates not only with basic knowledge, but also with problem-solving & research skills. Identifying this market gap, Jazari Institute of Artificial Intelligence, backed by industry experts & in-house server resources & powerful GPUs, up-skills the Indian workforce to match the massive industry demands for AI research and its applications. The institute offers training & publishes high-quality research papers within AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and conducts end-to-end research projects, from inception to execution, to delivery, in the same space. “We research AI to create an impact on human lives and aim to bring India to the forefront of technological innovation,” says Rahul Leekha, CEO, Jazari Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Giving market exposure to its candidates in collaboration with leading Indian companies, Jazari leverages its resource & skills to solve real-world problems that have a direct impact on businesses. This hands-on approach advocated by Jazari facilitates candidates to impart problem-solving skills, thereby making its results more desirable. Ensuring that its candidates get top-notch jobs, Jazari also offers 100 percent placement assistance like career counselling, guidance on writing resumes, filling-out job applications and more, while preparing them for job interviews with major companies.
Rahul Leekha,CEO

Ensuring that its candidates cover the whole spectrum of AI step by step & also understand deep-learning concepts & how to apply them, Jazari offers AI courses in three sub-modules

Encompassing Entire Spectrum of AI

Ensuring that its candidates cover the whole spectrum of AI step-by-step & also understand deep-learning concepts & how to apply them, Jazari offers AI courses in three sub-modules. While its ideal beginner’s course, AI Foundation up-skills students with Python programming language coupled with mathematical & statistical concepts used in Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Its AI Advanced course consists of later course along with Machine Learning. The institute uses a visual approach to explain the later course; ensuring students understand how, which & every to use algorithms while solving complex problems. Its third course titled AI Expert covers the entire spectrum of AI (includes neural networks) along with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and its invention zone. Students who complete AI Expert course are guaranteed a job placement.
Keeping abreast with the dynamic technology trends, Jazari regularly updates and modifies its curriculum by taking feedback from the industry experts, ensuring candidates learn latest & most critical topics, thereby maximizing their proficiency and making them more productive. The courses are taught by world-class British Psychological Society accredited faculty that include Siddharth Shrotriya (published two books and more than 12 research papers on AI & Machine Learning, and possesses five years of teaching experience in the same space), Nidhi Kumari (five years of teaching experience in AI & Robotics), and Gazifah Naqshbandi (eight years of training and practice in the United Kingdom for Neuroscience and Behaviour).

A Futuristic Research Hub

With projects ranging from last mile delivery optimization for one of the largest e-Commerce players in India, to using Artificial Intelligence in psychometric assessments for behavioural science technologies, Jazari is the master in the research of AI and is currently working on AI in the education for teaching, outreach & assessments.

This NASSCOM affiliated institute founded by Sushil Kumar & Rahul is witnessing a massive 100 percent year-on-year growth. Inspired by NASSCOM's Artificial Intelligence SIG (Special Interest Group), Jazari envisions defining strategies and processes to accelerate AI adoption across corporate & government bodies. “We look forward to the world of super intelligence might be able to co-create with us,” concludes Rahul.