HFI Training: Equipped To Deliver Scientific & Pragmatic Training

Eric Schaffer,Founder & CEO

Eric Schaffer

Founder & CEO

Investing in UX training and certification in today’s technology-driven environment can take the professional career to the next level. The training can help learners achieve the necessary edge to deal with technological shifts, work in large-scale environments, and gain influence. Today, with UX being one of the top five in-demand talents globally, a professional training facility where one may obtain the necessary competence to make oneself future-ready is an urgent need. Furthermore, putting together a UX training programme is simple by gathering content from the web.

However, it is imperative to develop and optimize an effective programme based on a profound grasp of realworld needs, and the crucial requirements to work in the field take decades. Hence, investing in a curriculum widely recognized as the gold standard in UX training and certification makes complete sense. HFI Training has been providing outstanding certifications for persons in the User Experience market with great success for the past two decades. While these credentials reflect the course’s content foundation, many people take and pass the certification exam based on their education, reading, and other training programmes. Over people are certified currently, and HFI’s Training certificates are frequently approached for UX job ads at Fortune organizations.

HFI Training has always taken the role of educating individuals, on what they need to be productive in the UX (User Experience) profession. The CUA TM (Certified Usability Analyst) curriculum teaches how to make things more useful. The CXA TM (Certified User Experience Analyst) curriculum is more advanced in UX strategy, innovation, persuasion, and UX practice maturity; one can obtain the essential skills required to operate in the UX sector.

Furthermore, HFI Training has been delivering tailored & relevant offerings that will assist UX professionals and organizations in achieving their objectives. HFI Training has expanded its capabilities in various areas over the last five years, in line with the growth and proliferation of experience as a critical differentiator for corporations and arcades.

“We can deliver quality content and learn in a live mode online, and we have assisted over candidates from various geographies, time zones, and experiences in coming together and understanding UX nuances throughout the pandemic. We broaden our understanding of UX methods, science, and processes to include roles and functions that support, sponsor, or consume UX work", says Eric Schaffer (PhD, CPE, CXA, CUA), CEO & Founder, Human Factors International. HFI training has been developing and delivering customized training programmes for professionals in positions such as product managers, developers, business analysts, product engineers, product designers, and
marketing, among other portfolios for domains such as BFSI, Travel and Tourism, IT services, Appliances, and so on. Historically, many such professionals lacked a structured understanding of the field and often had limited knowledge of the breadth, depth, and monetary value of UX activities.

HFI training has consistently advocated and evangelized UX and User centricity on a variety of platforms, including webinars, corporate workshops, open conferences, and short sessions for both specific and general audiences. In addition, HFI training has taken part in short sessions at colleges and educational institutes to help other disciplines understand, support, and embrace user-centred design principles.

Ashish Majumdar
Vice President-Solutions

HFI training has pioneered the creation of training for emerging and immersive technologies and has focused on creating quality training content through its dedicated lab setup. Many organizations use HFI Training and Certification to ensure that all their UX teams have a common language, skill set, approach, and methodology. The training provides an invaluable baseline capability for practitioners, and the certification means objectively validating that capability. HFI design training has been refining its methods and evolving as per the changing market dynamics since

Thinking Out-of-the-Box
HFI Training has also launched stand-alone courses targeting specific areas of user experience design to understand its user’s challenges and create world-class solutions such as Service Design Thinking, UX for Mobile, UX for AR/VR, UX for Product Managers, UX for Developers, and more. Furthermore, HFI’s core content team works closely with research and academic institutions to develop and deliver vertical-specific UX courses and workshops - BFSI / Retail / HealthCare / IT and IT Services / Product Engineering.

“We use a balanced instruction technique that includes some lectures, teaching questions, demonstrations, and many exercises. It does little to just lecture on the content. It must be integrated and understood. It must be taught by expert practitioners who speak from their design experience. Also, based on particular selection criteria, we offer scholarships to desired students aspiring to enter the field of User Experience", highlights Eric. Furthermore, HFI training has collaborated with various entities such as CII, NASSCOM, NTUC - Government of Singapore, and others to provide UX education to non-UX-aligned sectors and individual participants to facilitate their holistic transformation.

We are exposed to the realities of the most advanced technologies, wherein we need to constantly adapt our training to provide the needed skills and expertise to help build a robust foundation for individuals

HFI’s certifications are also recognized by India’s ‘Future Skills’ initiative, which is powered by NASSCOM; the Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore, and SGUnited Skills Singapore has approved our curriculum for their grant programmes. HFI Training, which has worked with many leading brands and products also provides the opportunity to participate in the hands-on internship programme, which is mentored by experts. In addition, HFI has a consulting division that works with leading companies in technology, enterprise software, finance, medical, e-commerce, and government. This real-world experience has always been at the heart of HFI Training’s success.

“We are exposed to the realities of the most advanced technologies, wherein we need to constantly adapt our training to provide the needed skills and expertise to help build a robust foundation for individuals", concludes Eric.