Aspira Design: Mentor-Led Training On UI/UX Design With Special Focus On Practical Curriculum

Rambal Mentor,TrainerThe global UX market was valued at $465.00 million in 2021 and is forecasted to grow to $1346.20 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 16.40 percent. The market has been witnessing an exponential growth, unfurling a plethora of opportunities in the upcoming years due to the emergence of design centric business organizations and an increasing need for UX/UI support for ecommerce platforms and landing pages for products and services. Similarly in India, there is an ongoing upsurge of adoption of automation or digitization across various industries as business has been focusing on strengthening their online footprint.

Hence, they are going beyond having their websites all about generic templates to just provide information and are redefining their digital presence with the aim to convert users’ informational intentions into the intentions to purchase their products. Therefore, the need for innovative UX/UI designers is increasing in the domestic market as the still fragmented space demands a vast talent pool of efficient designers. This is where Aspira Design came into the picture to offer design education that encompasses all the nuances of UI and UX
with an approach of innovative and human-centred learning.

While most of the design institutes in the country provide training programs only on UX design, Aspira has gone a step ahead to offer courses on both UX and UI to educate the students in a way that they can take it from research and deliver wire frames to translate them into the final output of the design. Instead of academic course structure, Aspira has designed its curriculum based on hands-on learning experience including workshops, projects and field trips.

Programs Offered
Aspira offers its course programs in both offline and online modes that include UX/UI Design Live and UX UI Design- Classroom. In these training programs, the students get to learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of UI UX design through hands-on learning and portfolio development. They train their students with all latest frameworks, design and grid systems. Pursuing the programs, they get able to develop website designs, web application and dashboard designs, e-Commerce websites, marketing websites, and wearable devices. While mastering industry-standard design tools like Figma, InVision, Zeplin, Prott, Maze and Slack the students are made efficient in analysing user behaviour alpatterns and design thinking.

Rambal, Mentor & Trainer at Aspira Design states, “We have an exclusive job portal for our students with lifetime access that they can avail after the completion of their programs. From freshers to experienced candidates the portal is open to both of the categories. A student from our institute wanting to switch their career after working for one or two years in the industry can come back to the portal and seek for their desired jobs".

Looking Ahead
Aspira thrives on the idea of orienting their students towards problem-solving approach that they apply to the other aspects of life as well. Aspira will be continuing to walk on such path of imparting design insights so that the students could be able to add value to the organization they get associated with. In order to perfect their training programs the institute will keep improvising their modus operandi. “We are going to launch AR program very soon. Also, we are working on the procedures of providing scholarships as we wish to contribute to the welfare of the society”, Rambal signs off.