Ethan's Tech: Endowing Working IT Professionals with Industry-Relevant Skills to Propel Their Careers

The advent of emerging technologies that include AI & ML has caused chaos in traditional roles in the Indian IT industry. Once considered lucrative, country’s $160 billion IT Industry layoffs are swelling annually. According to HfS research, one-third of the low-skilled workers in India’s IT sector will lose their jobs by 2022. The need of the hour is to impart the workforce with industry-relevant skills and save their career. Ethan’s Tech’s mantra is ‘The only thing constant is the change’. Understanding and meeting the working IT professional’s expectations, the institute offers industry-relevant training and empowers them to bout this ever-changing IT industry in the field of AI, Data Science & ML. It also offers training to the newcomers in a separate model.

To impart working IT professionals with industry-relevant skills, Ethan’s Tech offers pragmatic courses under three different verticals - Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps), Automation (Selenium, Python, RPA, UFT), and Analytics (AI, R Programming, Tableau, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks). The curriculum is designed by industry experts keeping in mind the demand objectives of professionals and considering the feedback from professionals. Keeping abreast with the dynamic of the market trends, the institute revises the curriculum every six months.

Real-Time Skill Development

Following a unique methodology, Ethan’s Tech imparts students with the prerequisite skills required for a particular course through online videos & other study materials even prior to the classroom sessions.
Jatin Miglani,Managing Director

Following a unique methodology, Ethan’s Tech imparts students with the prerequisite skills required for a particular course through online videos & other study materials even prior to the classroom sessions

The institute which is not a fan of theoretical sessions engages students with sundry real-time projects right from the beginning, providing hands-on and case study based skill training. In the AI course, for instance, students practice multiple algorithms in ML, DL & NN using Python, Sklearn, Keras and TensorFlow. This 100 hours end-to-end program builds the student’s capability right from the basic to the end that includes Python Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, Pandas and Matplotlib. Jatin Miglani, MD, Ethan’s Tech, says, “We don’t assume, we deliver right from the scratch and take students to advance understanding of concept”. Thanks to this pragmatic course, Ethan’s Tech has impeccably upgraded the employees of eminent companies that include multiple MNCs to startups.
The courses are taught using eminent tools like Google, Yahoo & AI products by competent corporate professionals possessing over a decade of industry experience, who are selected by Ethan’s Tech through arduous screening. Ethan's Tech is now the group of 40+ freelancing trainers focusing and developing the skills required in the area of Cloud, Analytics and Automation. These professionals deliver exclusive weekend classes; thereby not disturbing anyone’s professional life. Even after the conclusion of the courses, Ethan’s Tech engages with the students through alumni forums, WhatsApp, emails, or calls. This end-to-end engagement with the student facilitates Ethan’s Tech in arranging interviews for them, and also in serving them in the future.

Tapping India’s Every Software Aspirant

To cater software aspirants, who cannot attend classroom training, besides offering online courses using hosted lab machines, Ethan’s Tech’s self-paced courses cater to remote users, or online batches through live and recorded training materials. Thanks to this astute methodology that encompasses whole community, Ethan’s Tech has delivered 600+ days of corporate training, 200+ classroom batches & 40+ online batches.

The institute that offers training at three centres in Pune, Pimple Saudagar, Kharadi and Baner envisions expanding its footprint PAN India. How? Ethan’s Tech aims to offer virtual training wherein it will offer real-time training across India, especially in tier-1 cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, & Delhi where the influx of IT professionals are high. To replicate same for the newcomers, it’s targeting tier-2 cities.