Emertxe: Creating Outcome - Based Training Programs

Mubeen, Technical Head, Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director

Mubeen, Technical Head

Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director

With technology changing so fast, having skilled engineers becomes a very fundamental requirement for any organization today. In India, we are facing a huge challenge especially when it comes to entry level engineers. With about 1.5 million engineers graduating every year, hardly single digit of them are having employable skills due to industry academia gap. The scenario becomes all the more challenging when it comes to domains like Embedded Systems & IoT. Multiple training institutes take a ‘finishing school’ approach by providing focused training programs to bridge this gap. Typically training programs are conducted for months or up to a year or so, where the special curriculum is imparted in order to make entry level engineers employable.

Bangalore-based Emertxe Information Technologies is recognized as one of India's pioneer institute for Embedded Systems Courses and IoT trainings. Since its foundation in 2003, it strives to make a difference in technology learning which it believes is a continuous journey. The job oriented training programs at Emertxe is targeted for fresh engineers, to make them employable by bridging above mentioned industry academia gap. With learning becoming a continuous activity, engineers with work experience want to upskill themselves. In the similar context organizations have requirements to train their existing team of professionals in an upcoming technology in order to move their organization into next level. Emertxe focuses on this upskilling market by offering advanced training programs custom designed for specific needs. "Our embedded training vertical has generated a huge pool of Industry ready embedded engineers. For freshers, we offer placement oriented embedded courses and IoT courses with attractive scholarships. For working professionals, weekend options are available with advanced embedded systems and IoT workshops. A practical approach, applied learning, the result oriented approach makes our training unique," speaks Maaz Jukaku, MD Emertxe.

Emertxe, in its past 15+ years of existence, has skilled over 60,000 engineering graduates and has worked with 200+ corporate customers to deliver corporate trainings in embedded systems and IoT. Along with offering practical oriented training, offering placement support becomes a critical element for Emertxe. In this regard they have forged strong partnership with companies who hire these trained engineers on a regular basis. Per month, over 25-30 companies recruit students who span across entire Embedded & IoT verticals like Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Transportation, Medical,Aerospace, IoT, Telecommunications and Networking. "Our placement clients include all categories of organizations R & D offshore centers of top-notch MNCs, India headquartered service companies and entrepreneurial ventures/startups. With skill being the common denominator for these organizations, we have established ourselves due to high performing students posthiring, quality delivery, continuous improvement and customer focus," he says.

Working with Academia
One of the reasons for the industry-academia gap is lesser exposure with engineering graduates and faculty. Emertxe actively contributes in this area by working with multiple stakeholders in the academic ecosystem. “One of the key activities we do in the academic ecosystem is bringing awareness and exposure to students in terms of skill-gap and ways to address it. This is done by conducting seminars, panel discussions, short term workshops, sharing them information via our social media and blogs. We believe this continuous information sharing done as a ‘bottom-up’ approach will make the college graduates take appropriate steps and make informed decisions when it comes to their career," expresses Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director. Emertxe has been working on consulting and advising engineering colleges on the development of faculty capability. It has even done a few formal training programs for faculties in collaboration with organizations. There are more structured approaches that are being pondered to bring in a change in this area.

Emertxe actively contributes to the Skill India initiative by Government of India. It is one of the Training Partners with Electronics Sector Skill Council of India(ESSCI) under National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC). Emertxe's subject matter experts are part of ESSCI's National Operational Standard (NOS) committee which defines course curriculum for skill-based training programs for specific jobs in Embedded Systems and IoT. With their indepth experience in skill-building and placements, it contributes and positively influences this curriculum. "There is also a development happening between NSDC and ESSCI along with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) where we look forward to contributing and positively influence the industry academia gap from `top-down' perspective," Jayakumar adds.

An Edge over Others
The finishing school market in India is very fragmented. With lower entry level barrier many new players are entering the market. In order to maintain edge over other finishing
schools Emertxe focuses on three areas Building foundational skills in participants, Making the entire program practical and applied learning approach and Process oriented approach and mentoring & coaching. "Our students get immense hands-on training in foundations like Algorithms, Problem solving, Hands-on coding, Optimization etc. These skills are very much required irrespective of any vertical specific Embedded or IoT systems," informs Mubeen, Technology Head.

Emertxe in ITS past 15+ years of existence has skilled over 60,000 engineering graduates and has worked with 200+ corporate customers to deliver corporate trainings in embedded systems and IOT

Right from the beginning to end, the institute's placement oriented courses are delivered in a well structured and process-oriented manner. This includes theory based classroom sessions, sample program creation, assignment solving, project implementation. This approach is further enhanced with its innovative assessment system based on the cumulative approach that includes multiple factors that include attendance, assignments, projects, weekly and module tests. Such an approach gives 360 performance views to both students and our mentors. This continuous approach acts as an indicator about how near or how far a student in the skill development spectrum which reflects on his placement conversion.

Team Emertxe

Emertxe's applicants are primarily students from tier-2 and tier-3 cities who encounter hindrances in terms of technical capability, communication skills and self-confidence. To uplift them, there are a lot of mentoring and coaching activities done by the senior people in the organization. This includes one to one counselling, providing career guidance, encouraging them when they are not able to crack initial placement opportunities, exposing them to subject matter experts from the industry, supporting them in case of preparing SOP and LOR when they are applying for higher studies. This makes them feel they are in a caring environment where they can seek support and help which is not often provided in an academic setup.

"Emertxe is targeted for fresh engineers, to make them employable by bridging above mentioned industry-academia gap"

"Our continuous assessment system trains students in a rigorous hands on way. Students are provided with an ample number of assignments, projects, weekly tests, module tests and company specific preparation sessions to groom them technically for placements," adds Mubeen.

"Along with that, we do a series of activities under the umbrella called DISHA (direction). We conduct short term workshops on resume building, technical interview facing tips, HR interview facing tips and overall guidelines concerning softskills. Time-to-time our student counselors give them feedback in terms of technical and behavioral aspects thereby ensuring `Every day at Emertxe is a placement preparation day'," further shares Jayakumar.

The Team Strength
The institute which houses a 600+seater training facility, includes a carefully hand-picked team of mentors who have rich experience working with companies like Novell, HP, Huawei. They contribute to popular Electronics and Open source magazines and conferences thanks to their technical capability. Irrespective of their years of experience, all of them remain technically hands-on in their area of expertise. Emertxe houses a 50 member team, in which a larger chunk of them are mentors.

Heading towards a Bright Future
Emertxe has a clear roadmap with a two-fold focus. Last year it launched its Full stack Embedded IoT course which is unique in the market. In fact, Emertxe is the first institute in India to deliver such a comprehensive IoT course also aligned with SkillIndia/ NSDC qualification standards. Going forward, it aims to grow its IoT portfolio of courses along with its core offerings on embedded systems. The foundational skills which it offers in both Embedded & IoT domains help the applicants to land in their job and grow in the initial period of two years. "We believe this `Up Skilling' market is still in a nascent state in countries like India as technology companies is been only operating very actively for the past 25 years or so. To meet the skill demand of this market, we are already working on our online learning portfolio which is expected to get launched in the first quarter of 2020,” Maaz concludes.

Maaz Jukaku, Managing Director
Having set up an it infrastructure company at the very beginning of his career, maaz brings in two decades of experience into running emertxe right from its inception in 2003. He is responsible for emertxe's business strategy, sales and organizational management.

Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director
Having worked with ishoni networks, hewlett packard and huawei, jayakumar brings with him 18+ years of industry expertise for handling global customers by launching products in consumer, telecom and SMB segments. At emertxe, jayakumar is responsible for strategic planning, marketing and technology delivery functions

Mubeen, Technical Head
With 18+ years of experience at novell and hewlett-packard, mubeen's core strength is linux printer drivers, linux porting/BSP and linux kernel drivers in multiple domains like printing, industrial automation and enterprise solutions. At emertxe, mubeen leads embedded software training programs for retail and corporate customers.

Quick Facts
1. Date Of Establishment:
2. Number of employees & office locations: 50 member team. Office located at MG Road, bangalore

3. Growth timeline:
•2003­ Started our journey with training in open systems and embedded software services
•2006­ Well established in embedded systems domain - 20 corporate customers
•2008­ Training products based on embedded systems released to market
•2009­ Strategic partnerships with foreign universities
•2013­ Trainings for java(core and advanced) and android added
•2014­ Positioned as IT finishing school
•2016­ Consolidated embedded trainings and creating multiple brands
•2017 ­Embedded systems new trainings & growth and piloting online learning
•2018­ First institute to launch a long term IOT course
•2019­ Online launch of IOT course and continued growth