IBMR College: Where Holistic-Education & Pragmatic-Professional Adroitness Empower Prodigious Development

Riyaz Basari,Executive Director

Riyaz Basari

Executive Director

The present scenario of the Indian education system witnesses the mushrooming of innumerable educational institutions that adversely emerge to pocket profits, relegating education to a mere business affair. Moreover, the rote/bookish culture over practical knowledge is what dominates the systems incentive today, thereby leaving students perplexed when faced with life’s dilemmas. However, realizing the dire need to ratify an amalgamation of holistic education channeled via pragmatic professional approaches, IBMR Group of Institutions incepted in 1986 to foment a system that garners global meritorious benefits. Posing against the backdrop of a well accoutered campus lays a unique learning ambience adorned with a deeply committed and skilled faculty who meticulously strive to churn out competent professionals.

Thriving on a well-established integrated system that houses extensive practical/theoretical exposure, with copious extra-curricular ties as well as exemplary accommodation facilities, IBMR hoists the flagship in education. Staing along the banks of success since its inception, IBMR aims to generate leaders for the competitive world with extensive intellectual and societal capabilities. The institution embraces a unique four ’I’ model that forms the pillars based on
"Standing along the banks of success since its inception, IBMR aims to generate leaders for the competitive world with extensive intellectual and societal capabilities"

the IBMR system functions. The tetrad comprises of, 'Industry-Insitute' alignment,‘Incubation’(creating leaders who can generate futuristic employment opportunities),‘Innovation’(motivate students to develop business ideas) & ‘International Perspective’(imbibing global perspective knowledge). Moreover,as majority of the courses offered are Commerce/Management based, IBMR anchors a uniform pedagogy of culminating present competitive business-environments and conventional methodologies. The institute’s programs (BBA, BCA, B Com and M Com) are recognized Govt. of Karnataka and Affiliated to Karnataka University Dharwad. Also in the campus is PU College of Commerce Approved by PU Board Bangalore and recognized by Govt. of Karnataka. Further the MBA program is approved by AICTE and is considered asIBMR’s flagship offering. Encouraging challenging, congenial and conducive environments, IBMR owns a prestigious repute among companies across the entire spectrum of industry both across Indian and global multinationals.

Deciphering IBMR Systems
Stretched over an acre of land, housing a three storied building, IBMR’s amiable environment and well-resourced corporate infrastructure envelopes great favor for students to nurture their knowledge and capture the frame of the wider globe. Moreover, besides the aforementioned courses and programs,the institution’s departments embody various intellectual-cells like Swashakti, Finology, Market Mania, Google, Software Research, and Tech Track to encourage intellectual finesse
of students. Practical knowledge is further imparted through industrial tours, symposiums and workshops /conferences to supplement learning by giving the students an exposure on contemporary Management and Technology aspects.

Besides being bountifully resourced with ample infrastructure, a student’s next home-the library, mothers an illustrious collection of over 8000 books. A digital library for various subjects related to academics including 6 e-Journals and a fully equipped computer lab with 24 hours Wi-Fi /internet-facilities serve as resource centers, while electronic teaching aids add strength to the effective learning activities. Additionally, a well-equipped indoor Gymkhana enables students to discover their sporting talents. Marking the element of completion to this richly bestowed campus and with regard to maintaining the safety of its faculty and students besides the anti-ragging & women-cell, the campus is festooned with over 50 CCTVs apart from being conveniently connected to the public transport system, besides offering pick-up/drop facilities to students.

A Promising Quarry of Knowledge
Proffering diverse coaching for banking-officers, IBPS/CPT/IPCC, CAT/MAT/K-MAT and more in collaboration with professional centers,IBRM caters to societal concerns via ‘Social Exposure’a forum attending to Swach Bharat Abhiyan & Green-Campus initiatives. The college further implements certification-courses in collaboration with institutions /universities outside, besides taking MOUs and partnerships in Indian and abroad for the transfer of educational technology in the near future.