Institute Of Integrated Digital Marketing (IIDM): A Reputable Digital Marketing Training & Certification Organization

 Firdaus Ansari,   FounderThe world of digital marketing is vast, and with the increasing popularity of the field, countless institutions claim to offer top-notch training. With digital marketing becoming indispensable for businesses and professionals alike, the demand for skilled digital marketers continues to surge, and the role of digital marketing institutes becomes crucial. However, finding an institute that delivers practical and up-to-date knowledge can be challenging. This is where the Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing (IIDM) steps in to provide exceptional training and industry-ready skills to aspiring digital marketing enthusiasts.

Founded by Firdaus Ansari at the young age of 22, IIDM has emerged as a pioneering institution in Nagpur, specializing in comprehensive digital marketing courses. With over 12 years of personal experience in the digital marketing industry, Firdaus Ansari has successfully guided and taught more than 15,000 students, both online and offline. “Our institute offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience”, says Firdaus Ansari, the Founder of IIDM.

Firdaus Ansari’s journey into the world of digital marketing began unexpectedly when he secured a job in an affiliate marketing company in 2010. Driven by his passion for the subject, he switched careers to gather diverse experience before finally establishing
his agency named IVIZION Technology. Soon after, IIDM was born as a byproduct of Firdaus’s commitment to sharing his expertise and empowering young talents to thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

IIDM distinguishes itself through its emphasis on practical training. The institute believes in providing real-world exposure to students, making them industry-ready from day one. Unlike traditional theoretical approaches, IIDM ensures that its students gain hands-on experience with premium tools and resources used in the digital marketing industry. The institute’s curriculum is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever changing trends in digital marketing. Dedicated support teams and seminars help students stay updated with the latest advancements and best practices. At IIDM, Firdaus Ansari believes in providing all aspiring digital marketers equal opportunities. There are no strict minimum criteria for enrollment, with students from diverse educational backgrounds welcomed. However, a minimum of 12th-grade education is preferred.

IIDM takes immense pride in its remarkable placement success rate of over 95 percent

IIDM takes immense pride in its remarkable placement success rate of over 95 percent. This accomplishment is attributed to the institute’s Digital Marketing Professional Program and Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course, where students receive live projects to work on, gaining practical experience and building their portfolios. A dedicated placement team ensures that students are fully prepared for interviews and industry challenges.

Firdaus’s passion for digital marketing goes beyond profit-making. His main goal is to prepare students for the digital marketing industry by providing honest and quality training. The institute's reasonably priced fees demonstrate his unwavering commitment to equipping aspiring digital marketers with the necessary skills for a prosperous future.

Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing(IIDM)stands as a trailblazer in the realm of digital marketing education in Nagpur. Led by Firdaus Ansari’s extensive expertise and dedication the institute has transformed the lives of countless students, preparing them to excel in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. With a focus on practical training, industry exposure, and placement support, IIDM ensures that each student steps into the professional world with confidence and competence, ready to conquer the digital marketing domain.