Digiskolae: Preparing Digital Marketing Trailblazers for the Future

Anurag Roy, Founder

Anurag Roy


According to Technavio the digital marketing courses market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.31 percent until 2027 and the size of the market is forecast to increase by $1,798.61 million. The digital marketing training institute industry is witnessing a dynamic transformation. As businesses increasingly shift their focus to online platforms, the demand for skilled digital marketers is surging. The growth of this industry is driven by factors like the ever-evolving digital landscape necessitates continuous learning. However, Consumers seeking digital marketing training often face challenges such as outdated course content, lack of practical exposure, and inadequate job placement support. These obstacles can hinder their career prospects and overall learning experience. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, DIGISKOLAE, a leading digital marketing training institute, addresses these challenges with cutting-edge solutions. DIGISKOLAE stands as a beacon of excellence, transforming students into proficient digital marketers. Founded in 2022 by Anurag Roy, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience, DIGISKOLAE has swiftly established itself as Lucknow's finest digital marketing training institute.

Anurag Roy's journey in education began at the prestigious NIIT and within the realm of career counseling, marketing, and sales. However, it was a pivotal decision a decade ago to delve into digital marketing that laid the foundation for DIGISKOLAE. His expertise grew as he served as the center head of an
institution, immersing himself in the strategies and technicalities of digital marketing. In 2019, he, along with a dedicated team, embarked on a successful venture, culminating in the birth of DIGISKOLAE in June 2022.

Digital Schooling for Success
DIGISKOLAE, a fusion of Digital and skola (Latin for schooling), envisions itself as a digital school. The institute's primary mission is to cultivate successful digital marketers. From its inception in Lucknow, DIGISKOLAE has expanded to include centers in Kanpur and Gorakhpur, marking a testament to its growth and impact. DIGISKOLAE caters to students with diverse backgrounds, emphasizing a minimum completion of class 12.

DIGISKOLAE goes the extra mile by organizing master classes and mock interviews to groom students for success

The institute offers four comprehensive courses, with the flagship program being Professional Program in Digital Marketing. DIGISKOLAE success can be attributed to its commitment to placements and quality training. DIGISKOLAE employs a team of five expert trainers who specialize in different aspects of digital marketing, ensuring students receive a holistic education. “Anurag Roy proudly states that his students are consistently securing good placements, a testament to the institute's training quality”.

Focusing on Research & Industry Relevance
The institute prioritizes research and industry relevance, continuously updating its curriculum to align with industry requirements. Collaboration with professionals and companies, ensures that students receive cutting-edge knowledge. Regular masterclasses conducted by industry experts enhance the learning experience, giving students insights into current industry trends. DIGISKOLAE's commitment to nurturing digital marketing professionals is evident in its comprehensive curriculum, industry partnerships, and impressive placement records. With Anurag Roy's leadership and a dedicated team, DIGISKOLAE is poised for a bright future in the realm of digital marketing education.

DIGISKOLAE goes the extra mile by organizing master classes and mock interviews to groom students for success. These events provide students with additional knowledge and practical insights, while mock interviews help them gain confidence and prepare for the job market. In the first successful year, Anurag Roy and his team have ambitious expansion plans. “Our institute's focus is on northern India to expand further, with plans to establish more centers in the region and we aim to leave a mark on the southern market as well”, concludes Anurag Roy, Founder of DIGISKOLAE.