Cybervault Securities Solutions: Leading The Charge Against Cybercrimes

Anil Raj, Founder and Director

Anil Raj

Founder and Director

The significance of cybersecurity is increasing day by day and with rapid increase in the digitisation happening worldwide the demand for trained and expert cybersecurity professionals is witnessing an upward trend. Organisations are following global process and guidelines. At the same time, the users in cyberspace are increasing at a rapid pace the proper awareness regarding the various Security breaches is becoming more and more crucial. Many are quick to blame the limitations and the flaws about the latest technology but a recent study shows that the majority of cyber related crimes are happening because of human errors. The need of the hour is to create security professionals who are having knowledge of global practices to tackle the ever increasing Cyber Security breaches. Courses like CEH, ECSA, WAPT and many more having global contents and are required to be done in order to have cybersecurity knowledge that is used in the industry for detecting and mitigating Information security breaches. The menace of Hackers is such that even organizations are keeping huge amount of investments for Cybersecurity in terms of quality professionals and global techniques.

Acknowledging the fact of high requirement of security professionals in global organizations and to fulfill the need by means of trained quality manpower, Cybervault Securities Solutions was incepted in the year of 2014. A cybersecurity professional himself with a rich and diverse experience of more than 12 years, Founder & Director Mr. Anil Raj had first hand experience about the various issues and breaches in the MNCs. Armed with his industry experience and knowledge of core Security auditing's and consulting's at various corporate levels and sectors, he and his team have been able to not only train and guide the younger generation about cybersecurity opportunities and careers but also have been providing cybersecurity related Auditing & Consulting services and solutions to various corporate and organisations alike.

Empowering the Public through Quality Courses
Cybervault Securities Solutions has been
leading the charge against cybercrimes in the country since its inception. Through their courses and services, the firm is making sure that they are doing everything in their power to fight against the increasing number of cybercrimes and exploitations in India. “The training that we offer is open for both students and corporate executives. We believe, knowing about security is essential for everyone who uses a computer. The courses that we provide are recognized all around the world and it will be very helpful for people who have planned to start their career in the cybersecurity domain”, avers Anil Raj, Founder and Director, Cybervault Securities Solutions.

Cybervault Securities Solutions makes sure that the students are taught on the topics that are industry relevant allowing their students to become industry ready

The company offers a plethora of meticulously designed and developed certificate courses including Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, and Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst to name a few. Cybervault Securities Solutions flagship offering Ec Council Certified Security Analyst imparts advanced level knowledge for their students and the course, in general is a penetration testing course that takes the tools and techniques from the Certified Ethical Hacker course and teaches exploitation skills by applying the skills learned in C|EH and utilizing EC-Council’s published penetration testing methodology. Almost all the courses offered by Cybervault Securities Solutions are conducted on weekends which enables their students to attend these classes without effecting their other commitments. The trainers are also having more than 5 years of industry experience and the Cybervault Securities Solutions makes sure that the students are taught on the topics that are industry relevant allowing their students to become industry ready. Cybervault Securities Solutions also helps its students in their placement and one can find the companies alumni in various Tier-1 companies like IBM and Vodafone to name a few.

Operations Not Limited to Training
Cybervault’s operations are not just limited to student training and being a recognized player in the cyber domain. The firm also offers various cybersecurity services including cyber forensic investigation, information security audit, mobile app testing, WiFi assessment, and web app security testing to companies along various industry strata. With changes and innovations happening on a daily basis, Cybervault Securities Solutions makes sure that their employees, as well as trainers are constantly updated with the latest industry innovations and the company makes sure that they adopt the latest technologies so that they always stay on top of their game. The quality of services and training provided by the company is so high that most of the students and clients refer them to new students and clients that have helped the company in their organic growth and development.

Cybervault Securities Solutions'constant efforts to improve themselves have served the company well and the company that started with just a couple of students in their first year has trained more than 700 students this year itself and the company has high ambitions for their future. With the competitions getting tighter every day Cybervault Securities Solutions has planned out a structured and well thought of future road map for the company that involves expanding its operations pan India to ensure that its courses and services are easily accessible for their students and clients across the country.