Bizwin: Well - Strategized Training Platform Fueled by Expert Sales Professionals

Aurijit Ganguli, Managing Director

Aurijit Ganguli

Managing Director

A study conducted on quality of sales training program of various companies, reveals that 43.5 percent lack effective training plans to rear an efficient sales team. Thus, to come up with better plans, an organization needs to create a superior learning journey with tailored contents and evaluate the progress in terms of on the job skill building.

Bizwin, a Bangalore-based Sales Management Consulting firm, is an expert in providing such a progressive training program to cater to all business needs through its unique team of sales veterans. This team of global experts understand the fundamentals and nuances required to nurture a competent sales force effectively. Aurijit Ganguli, Managing Director, Bizwin, affirms, “The training content is prepared by our own expert practitioner team, each having 20 to 40 years of global business experience, especially in sales and marketing”.

Proficiently serving numerous B2B clients worldwide since 2014, Bizwin is well versed with the latest business trends, strategies and technological updates. While providing consultancy, Bizwin identified several well found areas of improvement in various business situations, which provoked the need to startits own sales training wing. Presently, it has ten training modules covering every topic from demand generation to sales closure and account management, exclusively segmented to train the CXOs, Head of Sales or Marketing, Sales Managers and Sales Executives.

Unique Training Philosophy
Understanding that an elemental design for
in class sales training programs requires to be impact focused and globally consistent Bizwin has perfectly tailored its sales training program to meet all such needs. The content for the training program has a rare amalgamation of the latest concepts & practical experiences and is effectively delivered using unique tools & techniques. These techniques/exercises are structured upon participants’realworld challenges, sales tools and processes. Bizwin’s training /workshops include granting rights to a few unique tools and techniques, which are Bizwin’s intellectual properties and are proven bets for improving B2B sales effectiveness.

We help the course participants to connect the learning & training to their job roles and practice at low risk environment, before handling real job situations

Since the sales operations are predominantly performed in a public space, alongside classroom training, it requires a platform to practice the newly learnt skills and work on character development. Hence, Bizwin pursues ‘learning by doing’ pedagogy, which follows 'Live Virtual Class' where the trainers engage the students in discussions about the realworld scenarios, case studies and other exercises to practice the skills and strategies. Furthermore, it is also supplementing with other activities like role plays, drills, in-the-action feedback, small group discussion, flip chart development(to capture participant opinions & ideas) and limited PowerPoint slides. Aurijit states, “We help the course participants to connect the learning & training to their job roles and practice at lowrisk environment, before handling real job situations”.

Mobile Learning Platform
To document the training materials in a tech savvy approach, Bizwin’s class room content is available in web/mobile learning platform. The content is presented in spaced repetition of the topics & scenarios in any Indian vernacular language of preference and can be accessed via app, website, or offline. This unique learning platform will help organizations to identify knowledge gaps better and to assess their performances at various levels. Growing rapidly apace with the dynamically evolving industry, Bizwin intends to bring in more interventions and novel techniques to effectively train its client’s sales workforce.