Bharti Solutions: Providing Digital Marketing Courses & Training To Housewives & Entrepreneurs

  Niti Bansal,    Founder

Niti Bansal


India is a booming economy and with digitalization across the globe, it has become easier to recognize and clamp on opportunities that no longer know geographical bounds. However, India is still surrounded by a cliché bubble that housewives are meant to be homemakers and place careers into the least priority zone. Considering a large population that hasn't still explored its fuller capabilities, the economy needs to recognize the potential in the sector and work towards its success.

Venturing this zone and aiming toward fuller participation of the female population, Bharti Solutions was established in 2014 to train and indulge females in entrepreneurship and digital marketing. "We especially train females for part time jobs as they are committed to household responsibilities and dedicate their spare hours to learning and achieving. We also train entrepreneurs to understand digital marketing so that they can be successful in their future ventures", says Niti Bansal, Founder, Bharti Solutions.

On-ground Training Through Live Projects
Digital Marketing has been around as a much recognized sector for a while now and the future holds ripe opportunities in India through technological interventions, innovations, and creativity. Covid witnessed a rise in the Digital Marketing sector as
everything went online and networking became much more expanded than before. The SMBs that were negligent earlier over online modes, then hustled for their existence and profitability off the racks on the internet.

Bharti Solutions provided training courses offline but due to the restricted norms in Covid, it moved towards a 21 days online course that participants could attend from anywhere in the world through smartphones, computers or laptops. There were also times when parallel 7-8 batches were running during the lockdown period. The current hybrid training module of a 3 month course is bifurcated into 1 month of online training and 2 months of the internship program. The USP of the company is the internship program as most of its contemporaries may boast of training but live projects still stand a challenge, and Bharti Solutions has expertise in the offering. We trained more than 1000 students through 21 days of course modules that majorly were participated by entrepreneurs and students.

Bharti Solutions offers a wide platter of courses that one can participate in Digital marketing, google ads, social media marketing, lead generation, onpage and offpage SEO, influencer marketing, mail marketing, graphic designing, content marketing, etc. Working in a sector that has dynamic and fast moving trends requires utmost upgradation in the modules and staying abreast with the latest trends. For this purpose, the trainers in Bharti Solutions are Google certified and work towards constant upgradation with tools, analysis, and improvement.

Enabling House wives with Part Time Work Opportunities
The ultimate goal of Digital Marketing is to generate leads and this happens through a thorough understanding of the tools and analytics. The training courses offered by Bharti Solutions specialize in lead generation and are helpful for young entrepreneurs. This also improves job seekers' chances as most jobs demand proficiency in marketing tools for lead generation. The company also trains freshers and provides them with live projects to learn, enhance, and evolve.

The primary mission of Bharti Solutions is to train housewives and provide them ample opportunities for online part time jobs. Besides, the company is open to partnering with other educational institutes. "We want to launch an online integrated platform wherein we can tie up with universities and colleges, especially media schools, to get more students on board. We plan to introduce Digital Marketing as a course in colleges and motivate students to pursue it through online practical lectures", concludes Niti.