W3 Marketing School: Providing Comprehensive Digital Marketing Programs With Advanced Teaching Techniques

Abbas Kapasi, Founder

Abbas Kapasi


The constant evolution of technology and increasing screen time of people has drastically changed the way the market functions. The digital transformation in the marketing sector has undergone phenomenal changes, further paving the way for its sub entity, Digital Marketing. The parallel emergence of digital marketing has not only created radical development in the marketing domain but has also curated numerous job opportunities.

The continuous expansion of this gamut is gradually creating a huge market for commercial enterprises. In order to tackle this huge market void for the digital marketing discipline, an Ahmedabad based academy named W3 Marketing School is providing exceptional coaching to make students fit for future market demand in the digital marketing arena.

W3 Marketing School is a prestigious digital marketing academy in India. This academy functions to contribute a talented workforce to the digital marketing market by providing comprehensive knowledge of the discipline. This academy is unique in the coaching arena due to its specially designed programs that are in line with current market demands and advanced teaching pedagogies. The Advanced Digital Marketing course is one of the signature programs provided by the institute which covers things from the basics of marketing to advanced and standard digital marketing practices done by the industry. The academy predominantly tries to deliver top-notch skills with its programs such as fundamentals of marketing and branding, market analysis, competitor
analysis, SEO, Google ads, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing, e-Commerce marketing, web analysis, and more.

The structure of the course indirectly reveals the advanced approaches of the W3 Marketing School. The amalgamation of theoretical aspects and pertinent practical angles makes the program integrated. Speaking more on this Institute, Head Trainer and Founder Abbas Kapasi say, "It's been a decade, we exactly understand the need of the industry and gaps that we have seen in the human resource as well as in the entrepreneurs in understanding/execution of Digital Marketing. With the vision to empower entrepreneurs and aspirants of Digital Marketing, we have conducted a series of free workshops in different aspects of digital marketing. To deliver the best we have structured our course in the perfect blend of 10 percent Theory, 70 percent Practical, 20 percent Case Studies, and 100 hrs solid practical assignments. Along with that we have also included a freelance training module, client management module, and team management module thinking the future opportunities for them. Our course is defined in a way that is not just to train people in Digital Marketing but to groom them as Digital Marketers".

Striving For The Student's Holistic Development
Since the digital marketing discipline doesn't demand prerequired knowledge, people from different backgrounds choose this to pursue their careers. Thus, analyzing students' capacity and examining their level of understanding are the key factors in initiating their training. The rigorous training with industry experts along with involvement in realtime projects makes the institute unique in the market. The structured syllabus and advanced teaching pedagogies are the differentiating factors for people over other players in the market. The impeccable placement rate of the academy is an added advantage for people planning to pursue careers in digital marketing.

The journey of the institute from its inception has encountered numerous advancements in terms of teaching methods and market reach. The constant incorporation of new modules into the course has helped students to stay updated with market transformations. With the maintenance of the same quality and teaching programs, W3 Marketing School is looking forward to setting up its digital platform to cater to a larger audience. Ultimately, this creates an ecosystem where human resources and the market grow parallelly without geographical hindrance.