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  • 10 Most Promising Women Leaders in Education – 2020

    Since the very first time we step in the world of education, we have always seen a Saree clad teacher holding our hand from the gate of the school to even post we become leaders in our respective industry. Though today’s teachers are not just wrapped in Saree, their passion to teach their students have been unparalleled since time immemorial. Thanks to our teachers who have been the pillar of our strength throughout our learning journey, we are constantly reaching new heights today. Women educationists comprise of over 50 percent of the education industry. They are strong, determined and passionate about teaching and are equally accomplished in administrative work. Their skills are unparalleled, as their whole life is dedicated towards creating a fertile ecosystem for their...

10 Most Promising Women Leaders in Education – 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Glendale Group Of Schools Glendale Group Of Schools Anjum Babukhan, Director - Education A visionary thought leader and author who implements multiple intelligences theory and develops students holistically by cultivating both character & competence to become global citizens of 21st century
Cathedral Composite PU College & High School Cathedral Composite PU College & High School Christy Glory Shanthi, Principal With a deep-rooted passion for teaching and administration, she is proactively fostering a horde of children both in their education and extracurricular endeavours
ISME ISME Meena Desai, Associate Dean An academician who is on the mission to bridge the industry-academia gap whilst creating a strong & fertile plinth for entrepreneurship and skills professionals in the country
Billabong High International School Billabong High International School Priti Agarwal, Founder & CEO An award-winning edupreneur bringing world class education to North India, who is also the first woman to trade on the floor of the UP Stock Exchange (Kanpur)
Dayawati Modi Academy Dayawati Modi Academy Dr. Ritu Dewan, Principal With an inner calling to touch lives, she outshines as a maven with over 32 years of teaching experience, which includes 17 years of administration
Dalmia Vidya Mandir Dalmia Vidya Mandir Dr. Rosetta Williams, CEO A versatile educationist and strategic leader who has been breaking new grounds in the education system of the country with her continuous learning & innovative spirit
HeadSmart Preschool HeadSmart Preschool Sharada Sabu, Co-Founder A teacher, director and a catalytic education leader who aims to revolutionize the education sector of India
LEAD School LEAD School Smita Deorah, Co-Founder & CLO She is transforming education in affordable private schools in small towns of India by providing a world-class integrated academic system
The Mother's Blossoms International Pre School The Mother's Blossoms International Pre School Vandana Nagar, Co-Founder With a strong inclination towards enhancing the school ecosystem and society in India, she has emerged as a passionate educationist promoting international education & research