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    India has over 159 Million children in the age group of 0 – 6 years according to the census of 2011. Early childhood is acknowledged as the most crucial period in a person's life, when the rate of development is very high and foundations are laid for cumulative lifelong learning and human development. There is growing scientific evidence that the development of the brain in the early years is a pathway that affects physical and mental health, learning and behavior throughout the life cycle. The quality of non-formal preschool or early childhood care and education imparted through these multiple channels is uneven, and varies from a minimalist approach to a mushrooming of accelerated academic programs. Today, there are pre-schools that are making good progress in the area...

Top Pre-Schools in India 2015

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Founding Years Founding Years Priya Krishnan, CEO Bangalore based Klay Pre schools and Mumbai based The Little Company are no more two different business establishments.
Cosmikids Cosmikids Bela Kotwani, Chief Financial Officier A bad day at work, followed by a series of arguments and fights with friends and family is a part of life. Perhaps, for many of us, it might be a routine scenario.
Footprints Play School And Day Care Footprints Play School And Day Care Amita Bharadwaj, Vice President Early childhood education is not simply a process of gathering acquired knowledge. Rather, it is the age of discovery.
Kinder Valley International School Kinder Valley International School Meera Narain, Principal The families in the urban areas of the country do not possess the luxury of the care of parents and grandparents due to the emerging phenomenon of nuclear families and dual working parents.
Global Rabbee Global Rabbee Ms. Sonali, Founder When Ms. Sonali, founder of Global Rabbee and a specialist in the area of early education, wanted to send her daughter to preschool, she found that the existing methodologies in the preschools around the country were inadequate and children were simply meant to while away their time.
Blossoms International Blossoms International Kiran Kumar, Director of Business Development The early childhood education sector is a blossoming sector that has proven to be largely profitable sector. BLOSSOMS International, one of the hallmarks of Indian early childhood education today, is an epitome for those who want to enter the sector.
Klaypreschools Klaypreschools PriyaKirshnan, CEO The necessities of daily life and material aspirations often induce both parents to work. Among them, motherhood confers upon a woman the responsibility of raising a child.
Little Millennium Little Millennium Raman Bajaj, Managing Director Little Millennium, the preschool chain from Educomp, has grown rapidly serving over 50,000 children since its inception. With over 280 preschool centers operational, across 65 cities in India, the preschool brand has built a formidable presence in the preschool/kindergarten industry.