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  • Top 10 Prominent Life Coaches - 2023

    Life Coaches unlocking your True Potential All across the country, people are dealing with rising costs of living lower wages and major changes in the way people work and live. As a result, people are starting to re-examine their careers, work/life balance and relationships, and doing some serious soul searching about their purpose and goals. The focus has shifted from a “grind” mindset to one of health, wellness and spirituality. Self-care is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The Global Wellness Industry’s latest study states that the global wellness economy is valued at $4.4 trillion and growing, with an estimated average annual growth rate of 9.9percent. By 2025, the wellness economy is expected to reach nearly $7.0 trillion. Benefits of Life...

Top 10 Prominent Life Coaches - 2023


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    Rashid Gazzali Rashid Gazzali Rashid Gazzali, Educationist & Life Coach A dynamic leader igniting paths to greatness in consultancy, education, & social leadership, with a commitment to empowering young individuals and revolutionizing rural communities
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Anju Chawla Anju Chawla Dr. Anju Chawla, Founder A strategic leader providing her services in three categories that include assessment, training and coaching
Three Circles Coaching Three Circles Coaching Anuj Chadha, Life and Executive Coach, Founder An innovative leader with 24 years of experience, skilled in personality assessment & business transformation, stakeholder management and more
Kundan Lal Foundation Kundan Lal Foundation Prashant Sharma, Founder A mindbody connection coach and a NLP coach with a vision to handhold individuals in their journey to lead a healthy and holistic life
Captain Rakesh Walia Captain Rakesh Walia Rakesh Walia, Director Strategy & Growth A pasionate leader inspiring lives with resilience, leadership, & a relentless pursuit of excellence, possesses several differentiating factors that set him apart from his competitors in the industry
Learn & Grow Learn & Grow S C Dubey, Director A professional leader with unwavering dedication centres on enhancing the quality of life for students, teachers, parents and the wider public, more
Sanjeev Bhutani Sanjeev Bhutani Sanjeev Bhutani, Life Purpose - Life Coach A specialized life coach with a unique focus on parenting, teenagers & teachers, approach is about effective parenting skills and creating happy families
Coachable Minds Coachable Minds Dr. Sheeba Nair, Transformation Coach A visionary and highly accomplished executive development and leadership coach more than two decades of experience as change maker
Shreya Shivangi Shreya Shivangi Shreya Shivangi, Chief Coach & Founder A highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of coaching with a digital strategy leadership background, provides indispensable guidance and support
Vanishree Vanishree Dr. Vanishree S V, Dermatologist & Positive Psychology Life Coach An emerging leader empowering her clients emotionally and mentally, equipping them with the tools to handle life's challenges with resilience and grace