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  • 10 Most Promising Stock Market Training Institutes - 2019

    The stock market is now becoming the leading business strategy attracting millions of traders from across the globe. Today’s millennials look at trading as one of the easiest methods for wealth creation and opt to trade as their part time business to earn extra penny. These new bies presume market as a sea of free money that keeps moving up & down every time and where they can make money by just executing some traders. But not all are going to make profit as they cannot beat the market due to lack of knowledge. On the flip side, most of the time people mess between trading & investing which are completely two different approaches of wealth creation/generating profits in the financial market where in trading requires more market knowledge and technical skills. To...

10 Most Promising Stock Market Training Institutes - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Avighna Stock Market Training Avighna Stock Market Training Chandra Sekhar, Director The best stock market training institute in Hyderabad, India, that provides training based on curated curriculum designed by very richly experienced stock market training experts from corporate fields
Finnovationz Finnovationz By Prasad Lendwe, Founder Through its innovative approaches, the company is not only creating nationwide financial awareness but also motivating Indians to explore immense investment opportunities and contribute towards economy growth
FOREXTAMIL FOREXTAMIL Senthamizharasu, CEO A training academy with a global workforce that stays up-to-date with current market strategies & trends through a hands-on approach
IFMC Institute IFMC Institute Manish Taneja, Research Analyst A pioneer in the quality education of Stock Markets in India, providing short term job oriented courses in share market, stock market capital market, commodity market, currency or forex market/derivative market (future and options) and options strategy
Indian Option Trading Academy Indian Option Trading Academy Rajendra Pathak, Founder An online-exclusive stock training academy that provides courses to global learners and provides them life-long support at a very reasonable fee
Intelligence7 Intelligence7 Kunal Kishore, Founder A provider of live market training that equips students with the physiology of the market movement, factors influencing the trend & fundamental techniques
Malkansview Training Institute Malkansview Training Institute Vishal B Malkan, Co-Founder Missioned to provide premium education to traders, investors, financial Institutes and management Institutes through training programs based on technical analysis, stock exchanges & market psychology
Mithuns Money Market Mithuns Money Market Mithun Girishan, Founder Through its tailor-made stock & forex trading training courses, the company not only builds market experts who can trade independently but also aids investors, traders, working professionals and students to earn extra money consistently
Profit From It Profit From It Piyush J Patel, Managing Director Follows a practical approach to provide best-in-class training to investors/students, while also helping them to explore immense investment opportunities, and thus contributing towards the economy growth