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  • 10 Most Promising Skill Based EdTech Companies - 2023

    Innovating Education Through Technology Academic Software: EdTech (a combination of "education" and "technology") refers to hardware and software designed to enhance teacherled learning in classrooms and improve students' education outcomes. Educational technology is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.EdTech utilizes hardware, software, and other IT tools to increase engagement and help teachers prepare lesson plans, conduct online classes, and perform everyday tasks like grading and attendance. Capability of Academic Software: Skill-based learning is an approach to education that emphasizes developing practical skills and competencies that apply to real-world situations rather...

10 Most Promising Skill Based EdTech Companies - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
EdTechReview Media EdTechReview Media Utkarsh Lokesh, Co-Founder & CEO A premier media platform and community for educational stakeholders to connect and find useful news, information and resources on educational technology
 Edupinnacle Edupinnacle Bharath Rajanna, Founder & CEO The company provides comprehensive skill development courses in analytics, digital marketing, project management, & industry-specific domains, to the needs of learners, educational institutions, SMEs, corporations, & schools
EduStation EduStation Eklove Dasgupta, Founder & CEO An e-Learning platform that provides students with industry-specific training in a professional environment, with aim to help students fulfill the requirements of quality skill development put forward by the current market landscape
I Life I Life Ruhi Thakkar, Co-Founder, Amarnath Chayanam, CEO The firm revolutionizing education through metaverse experiences, empowering young minds with knowledge & immersive experiences for a limitless future
KnowledgeHut KnowledgeHut Subramanyam Reddy, CEO A global ed-tech company, equipping the world’s workforce with the skills of the future via outcome-based immersive learning with a mission is to empower technologists and other professionals with high-quality hands-on learning
Masai Masai Yogesh Bhat, Co-founder & SVP A live tech-learning course with tier 1 instructors, real-time feedback, interactive sessions & a personalised learning experience, on a mission to make tech careers accessible to everyone
SkillAid SkillAid Pawanchander Komuravelli, Founder A tech-ed company, constantly working on a mission to gear up students with relevant skills & practical exposure through our workshops, internships & certificate courses
SkillCircle SkillCircle Shivam Ahuja, Founder & CEO A training organization, building and tapping different niches, communities, and sub networks and eventually upskilling them together through skill circle training
ULektz ULektz Dr. Sadiq Sait M.S, Founder & CEO An AI-powered industry connect platform for higher education, provides students with personalized guidance and appropriate resources for education, skills, and careers
Unschool Unschool Rahul Varma, Co-founder & CEO An online learning platform that provides real-world professional education and allows students, young professionals, with range of skill courses, internship programs, and job programs