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  • 10 Most Promising Preschools in Delhi - 2023

    An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest Many preschools provide day care and after school care for the convenience of working couples but the right preschool provide a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future along with day care and after school care. These schools foster courage, self-determination & wisdom within the little ones to help them face the competitive world. It is period when the core of one’s personality, social being & positive attitude and the child’s phenomenal physical development takes place. Why Preschool is a Must?  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, which is why education is the most powerful weapon to transform the lives of individuals. Moving forward in...

10 Most Promising Preschools in Delhi - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Brats N Cuties Brats N Cuties Deven Khullar, Chairman A pre-school laying the foundation for children to grow and nurture in an environment that makes them ready for their future ahead and preparing the child in a holistic manner from academic, creativity, art & craft and sports point of view
GD Goenka La Petite Montessori Preschool GD Goenka La Petite Montessori Preschool Meenakshi Khetrapal, Executive Director A montessori pre-school with a history of excellence spanning 25 year into education providing a quality environment, holistic in its approach that encourages and provides global education standards
Gurukul Preschool Gurukul Preschool Priti Narain Mathur, Chairman An preschool offering best of child care facilities and education services including play groups for Kids of age 1½ to 2 Years, Preschool classes for Kids of age 2 to 3 years, Nursery classes for kids of age 3 to 4 years, Hobby classes groups are segmented between 3 years till 14 years age groups
Little Planet Preschool Little Planet Preschool Rajesh Gupta, Director A concerned play schools providing with early development of a child and introducing him to structured learning through a systematic and innovative way
Mothers Pride Preschool Mothers Pride Preschool Sudha Gupta , Chairperson A spacious colourful school with a scientifically planned curriculum and computers opening the eyes of the parents to a new way of bringing up children
Petals Preschool Petals Preschool Preeti Kwatra, Director A well-recognized accredited pre-school focusing on the values, ethics and personal grooming of each child with whole heartedly serving childrens & makes every learning moment a joyful, effective & meaningful one
Pippa Poppins Pippa Poppins Ruchhi Bajaj Thakur, Director A progressive, unique, and prominent preschool that intends to open tender minds to education in such a manner that children can easily sync their minds with the beginnings of learning
Sperowz Sperowz N R Satapathy & Archana Satapathy, Founders A transparent pre-school chain which believes that education should reach each and every Indian child at an affordable cost
Sswings Sswings Rajni Chhabra, Founder Member & Principal A playschool providing overall development of children from speaking and writing to creativity and learning focusing on proper child development that helps them excel in elementary school and adulthood
Wiz Kidz Academy Wiz Kidz Academy Gaurav Verma, Founder, Shilpi Verma, Director A unique blend of montessori and multiple intelligences concepts focusing on total child development and specialized in the growth of the child by harnessing the five basic skills of language, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development