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  • 10 Most Promising Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Providers - 2020

    The world is full of stress and there is no one who has found an escape from the hard realities of life. In the current era, the constant pressure of dealing with work stress, maintaining family's happiness, relationships and more, while fulfilling our own demands & expectations has escalated distress, anxiety, self-deprecation and other issues in our life. This is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training comes in, which concentrates on hope, meaning, aspirations and the future of an individual. But what exactly is NLP training? It is an approach towards making life satisfying. It is a personality development approach in which communication, linguistic and behavioural observation are all used together to understand the psychological aspect of the individual and relieve...

10 Most Promising Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Atmabhan Academy Atmabhan Academy Ashvin Deshpande, Founder & CEO The only institute in the country utilizing the NLP know-how for Generative Change, the academy promises ‘Transformation Guaranteed’ through its 5G NLP formula
Life Super Academy Life Super Academy A.G. Venugopal, Founder Providing workshop model-based NLP coaching & training sessions, engaging people to think differently & learn experientially, and move beyond their limitations while exploring their hidden potential
Mind Ocean Mind Ocean Isha Jha, Founder With established expertise in psychotherapy, hypnosis, family constellation therapy and other techniques, helping people entrench their journey from being a goal setter to a goal getter consciously
Mind Restore Mind Restore Dr. PT Sunderam, CEO & Relationship Mentor Helping the disturbed youth of the society, stuck-up young mothers, working women, couples, executives, individuals as well as corporate clients to identify relationship gap and discover their GPS Map to navigate rich meaningful relationships in life forever
Nuvis Coach Nuvis Coach Nisha Panjwani, Business Executive & Communication Officer A leading international NLP Learning & Excellence organization, having benefited over 5000 deligates covering approximately 25 countries across the globe, delivering a collection of highest quality NLP courses to confirm company excellence
Ram Verma NLP Training Systems Ram Verma NLP Training Systems Ram Verma, Founder & CEO Offering a number of comprehensive business or corporate NLP trainings, helping individuals in eliminating their life long trauma & phobia, reprogram their inner self-image, and achieve personal excellence & wellness mastery
Transformative NLP International Transformative NLP International Abhay Thakkar, Founder & Lead Trainer Having assisted over thousands of people to overcome physical, emotional, mental and psychological issues, missioned to provide highest quality of NLP training across the globe through NLP and New Code NLP courses (private practice and workshops)
Vikram Dhar Vikram Dhar Vikram Dhar, Founder & ICF Mentor Coach An acknowledged training organization run by an ICF Mentor Coach, enabling participants to learn, experience and practice the skills of NLP beneficial to them in their professional careers as well as personal growth, development, and achievement
Vivart Coaching Vivart Coaching Nilesh Gawde, Director Revolutionizing the NLP training trends in India by introducing customized regional context-based content aimed at reaching out to the masses