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  • 10 Most Promising Leadership Training And Development Service Providers - 2021

    Leadership training & development has become very crucial these days for companies. The future of the company is someone who has leadership skills organization capabilities to survive in today's uncertain, complex and ambiguous ecosystem. However, if the employee lacks the basic important skill set and training, promoting them can be risky and can affect the company's reputation. Leadership training is important to provide knowledge and experience. It helps them to understand the role of a leader and how to handle difficult situation. The global corporate training market size was valued at 332,931.1 million dollars in 2019, and is projected to reach 417,212.5 million dollars by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.4 percent from 2021 to 2027. In India corporate training...

10 Most Promising Leadership Training And Development Service Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AGUA Women's Leadership AGUA Women's Leadership Subha Pandian, Director The company helps women to liberate themselves from fear, stress, and inhibitions so that they can escape the ordinary, live their purpose and invoke more ease and simplicity.
Ikigai Communication Ikigai Communication Monisha Chowla, Director They offer comprehensive bespoke leadership and communications workshops for one-on-one coaching and group training for corporates.
Instil Leadership Instil Leadership Arun Swamy, Founder Instil Leadership was founded on the premise that mindful, motivational leadership is at the heart of business performance and growth.
Liveware People Liveware People Mukund Menon, Founder Through their innovative, creative and communicative in work and engagement skills give good results to the clients.
My Persona My Persona Supriya Padmanabhan, Managing Partner Regarded as the landing page of organizations providing leadership space to deliver influential and impactful nurturing.
Nivritti Associates Nivritti Associates Ujjal Gupta, Director, Senior Consultant At Nivritti, they offer services that facilitate the alignment of Strategy, Performance & Development to create these agile & adaptive teams that connect to form nimble organizations.
Pairee Learning Pairee Learning Chandrakanth B. N, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Helping leaders to evaluate and understand their strengths and aspirations to the needs through their leadership programs , which are aimed to build strong leadership capabilities.
Poornatha Poornatha Suresh T & Kaushal Singh R D, Co-Founders Empowering the skills of individuals and institutions through becoming a pratner. Enables the confidence in decision making, create and maintain the trust.
Training Techno Crats Training Techno Crats Pradeep R Pani, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder A leadership development,training and business coaching organisation which is a part of Trainzo Systems LLP. To provide best skills to the oraganisations and like minded individuals.
Winning Edge Winning Edge Iesh Pratap Singh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer A conglomerate of different people businesses in the leadership and career space, specifically catering to the leadership intervention training vertical.