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  • 10 Most Promising K-12 Technology Providers - 2017

     Books and contextual studying seem to be a thing of a bygone era. During contemporary times when learning is taking a more visual curve, features like gamification and augmentation are the driving force behind the modern uptake on learning and knowledge gaining. Institutes & individuals are demanding a thorough means of lesson proffering and practical applications that don’t replicate the archaic bookish knowledge. K-12 tech is exploring and cementing the connection between learning & technology while filtering out the complexity of the latter. As K-12, standing for Kindergarten to 12th grade, lays the foundation of a person’s academic and professional personal, tech enabled learning can go a long way in ensuring a holistic progress. Post deploying the...

10 Most Promising K-12 Technology Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Camp K12 Camp K12 Anshul Bhagi, Founder Rekindling the love for technology amongst students by providing them a platform to encourage and support innovation
Code & Pixels Interactive Technologies Code & Pixels Interactive Technologies Gopi Krishna, CEO & Managing Director A specialist company that goes beyond providing highly engaging, interactive & customized CBT solutions, and Simulation & K-12 Training Solutions like Digital Teacher
EduKart EduKart Ishan Gupta, Founder An Ed-Tech platform that lists programs delivered through various course providers while enabling education seekers to directly approach counsellors and experts for apt guidance
Hicommands Tech Hicommands Tech Hariharun M, CEO With the core competence to break down courseware independent learning objectives, Hicommands provides e-learning solutions across diverse age groups, geographies and sectors
MyClassboard MyClassboard Ajay Sakhamuri,, CEO A chic platform that uses automation to provide customized, end-to-end solutions for all operational activities of school irrespective of its size and structure
Pearson Education Pearson Education John Fallon,, CEO A leader in education publishing, Pearson provides quality content, assessment tools, and educational services in all available media
Rio Learning & Technologies Rio Learning & Technologies Arti Pandey, Managing Director A division of AMC Square with product offerings that include K-12 (School Books), e-Learning, LMS to Interactive Modules, and Custom Specific Solutions
UnitekSoftware UnitekSoftware Chitharanjan TK, Managing Director Provides customizable offline syllabus-based educational contents and solutions for K-12 crafted post research done by a team of education experts, scientists, language experts, pronunciation specialists, child psychologists, animator and others to schools and students across India and abroad
Stylus Solution Stylus Solution Delnaz Edulji,, Managing Director & CEO Creates custom made engaging K12 solutions to bridge the gap between teaching and learning. Fascinating information, intriguing examples and illustrations partnered with thoughtful assessment questions, makes Stylus a preferred partner for all K12 requirements