• International School Of The Year - 2021
  • International School of The Year - 2021

    Not very long ago, school education was limited mainly to classrooms,books, black boards and written exams. Teaching in school classrooms was predominantly a one- way communication route, rote learning was considered the best way for students to internalize what they learnt and having a great memory was key to doing well in the exams. Teachers and students were content with a learning system that was largely unidimensional, unilingual or at the most bilingual and stunted with multiple cultural barriers. A radical shift in education happened with the advent of globalization. Phenomenal advancement of technology led to a dynamic compression of space and time that brought nations, cultures and economies across the world closer to one another. This change in the global cultural ethos...

International School of The Year - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
APU American International School APU American International School Dr. Binh Tran , CEO APU also counsels with parents and students in the study abroad college admissions process. Its innovative solutions allow flexible options for students who could otherwise not afford to study abroad.
Aster Institutions Aster Institutions VK Sharma, Chairman Our approach towards imparting education is innovative and unique. We use visual learning techniques with explicit instructions along with technological integration. It helps our students develop fine and gross motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making ability with the judgment for risk taking, and creative inventions and innovations
Chaman Bhartiya School Chaman Bhartiya School Allan Andersen, Director Everyone can Create'' enables students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing. CBS places the highest importance on the physical growth and development of the learner through myriad activities, including performing arts and sports.
Tulas International School Tulas International School Raunak Jain, Director It offers exchange programs with International Institutions and Universities. Its innovative programs facilitate weaker students. It also specialises students in activities to sharpen their skills in the field of music, dance, art, public speaking, sports and literary skills.
United International School United International School John Peter Kirubagaran, Chairman United International School believes in an education system that is inclusive, gender equitable and supports early learning. It believes that learning should be imparted to all and the best technology should be used for the same.