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  • 10 Most Promising Civil Engineering Training Institutes in India - 2023

    Wisdom Comes not from Age but from Education, Learning & Training Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintaining the physically and naturally built environments. It is the second oldest engineering discipline, after military engineering have been created to differentiate civilian from the military engineering. Civil engineering is strongly associated to the development of human knowledge in areas including physics, structures and constructions, geography, geology, hydrology, environmental and material science, mechanics and more. Early Civil Engineering: Engineering, in some form or other, has always played an important role in the humans’ life, but the earliest signs of civil engineering dates...

10 Most Promising Civil Engineering Training Institutes in India - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Civil Guruji Civil Guruji Puspendra Pratap Singh, CEO An institution helping civil engineers to become skillful globally by providing practical training through online and offline modes of learning
Civilera Civilera Premjit Vasudevan, Co-Founder & Principal consultant A civil & structural engineering training institute known for its world class training providing direct training and online training which covers all basic aspects of structural engineering
Civilianz Civilianz Revith C.K., General Manager A rapidly emerging coaching centre exclusively for civil engineering offers high-quality training at affordable price
CMTI   Civil Engg Connect CMTI Civil Engg Connect Er. Ashok Kumar, Founder & CEO The training institution guiding aspirants towards development of construction professionals by structured online & offline training programmes and networking platform for working professionals
Inarc Academy Inarc Academy Santhosh J, Founder An academy training and guiding students throughout with advanced training procedures followed by industries with skill development training knowledge and updated curriculum, Study materials and more
Learn & Edifi Civil Learn & Edifi Civil Ganesh M, Founder & CEO A civil training institute, committed to deliver a high-quality education that prepares students for success in their careers
MIT Academy Of Engineering MIT Academy Of Engineering Dr. Shyam Shukla, Professor & Dean A school of civil engineering provides students with state-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratories which includes an applied mechanics lab, geotechnical engineering, Surveying lab, and more
 Quanticforce Quanticforce Shreedhar Bhat, Founder & Mentor A platform with online courses providing real world examples of previous projects through video lectures or power point presentations for nontechnical people and diploma holders
SGAWings Consultant SGAWings Consultant Vivek Abhyankar, Founder Deals with civil/structural engineering, by training budding engineers from various companies as well as academic institutes towards becoming a good engineering professional
Solitude Skill Academy Solitude Skill Academy Amit Kataria, Co-Founder A leading destination for online & offline courses that empowers you to grow professionally and personally with cutting-edge courses in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, IT & Software and much more