• The Kalyani School: Imparting Hands-on Learning Experiences for the Holistic Development of the Students
  • 10 Most Promising CBSE Schools In Maharashtra - 2023

    Embracing the Horizons of knowledge with New Age Store House of Education At the dawn of educational awakening of the nation, there was only the government run schools which was the only anchor of developing the mankind, but with passing time, private players have entered the scenario and now-a-days these private-sector run schools are more famous than government schools. In earlier days people were concerned only about the quality of education but in today’s contemporary society the parents of the students are more concerned about the surrounding environment, services and facilities they provide besides education. Education System in India: The concept of schools came down to Indian society with the establishment of the first school of India, Anglo Indian Higher...

10 Most Promising CBSE Schools In Maharashtra - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3E Home School 3E Home School Dr. Latha Murthy, Founder An eductional institution aims to empower students and poised to make a meaningful contribution to the field and positively impact the lives of students worldwide
Apeejay Education Apeejay Education Rakesh Joshi , Regional Director The school is focused on 21st Century learning skills, including critical thinking and problem solving , Various scholastic and co-scholastic activities that are organized to bring out physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration in a child
Cambridge School Cambridge School Flavia Albuquerque, Principal Imparts quality education to the students and believes in inclusive education by educating the mind as well as the heart
Greenfingers Global Greenfingers Global Anju Vedi , Principal A learning center which ensure high quality education that motivates and empowers students to be lifelong learners and productive members of the society
Innovera School Innovera School Vikas jakune , Founder An educational institution involved in not only academics but emparting values, culminating technology and traditions from more than a decade
Orchids The International School Orchids The International School Kavita Chatterjee, Principal An institution with the continuous endeavor to educate young minds with quality education, preparing students for the future world
Podar Education Podar Education Avnita Bir , Director - Principal A school operates with the prime purpose of building young minds to spearhead a dynamic future globally
Stepping Stones Stepping Stones Naseem Rahim , Executive Director An educationzal institution along with academic excellence, focuses on the holistic development of the students
The Kalyani School The Kalyani School Deeksha Kalyani, Director A school dediceted towards guiding the mind, body, and spirit of the young generation, helping them discover and realize their full potential as individuals and molding them to be responsible citizens of society
Walnut School Walnut School Arpita Karkare , Director An excellent partner for parents who want their children to be smart and tough to stand up to global competition in a stress free way