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  • 10 Most promising Leadership Development & Training Providers -­ 2023

    Great Leaders Influence Leadership is a powerful force that drives positive culture changes and keeps the team moving forward. They are a source of motivation and inspiration and capable of influencing others. Good leaders are indispensable resources for an organization, not only because they contribute to the firm's growth but they also drive innovation, create a good working environment and mentor the newcomers within the organization. Successful leaders are able to transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage their employees to deliver better results. The Need of the Hour In today's competitive economy, where human capital is scarcer than financial capital, a business' competitive advantage lies in its ability to manage and...

10 Most promising Leadership Development & Training Providers -­ 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AIMS International AIMS International Dimitris Kleftakis, President A non-profitable association dedicated to improve Industry safety through leadership in education and provides training classes and certification (CEU) programs
Dityasis Dityasis Manoranjan Sahu, Director Creating Visionary Leaders & Managers through Leadership Training Modules
GetSkilld GetSkilld Arun Ns , EIR Provides the best-in-class training, practical approach and interactive assessments to get you ahead of the rest
Ken Mentors Consulting Ken Mentors Consulting Jayya Luthra, Principal Consultant Facilitating and managing the end-to-end life cycle of employees, from hiring to developing and retaining talent
NLP Coaching Academy NLP Coaching Academy Vikram Dhar , Founder A dynamic mission oriented organization, committed to providing the coaches, facilitators, trainers, counselors, and professionals with tools, techniques, and concepts
Score Training Academy Score Training Academy R. Manoj Kumar, CEO Then firm has carved a niche over the last 14 years with unique insights and programs and by giving clients the necessary skills and tools to excel
Tate Leadership Consulting Tate Leadership Consulting Abhay Phadnis, Executive Coach Their leadership-focussed suite covers Executive Search, Leadership Development, HR Solutions and Corporate Training
The Learning Insights The Learning Insights Sharat Sharma, Chief Facilitator A corporate training company designing and delivering training programs that resolve current challenges and meet future aspirations
Velocity Xcelerator Velocity Xcelerator Virendra Ingle , Founder Provides services in Corporate Training, Sales Training, Leadership Training, Communication Skill Training, Personality Development Training and more
YSC Consulting YSC Consulting Amit Desai , Director A global leadership strategy firm that co-creates unique, pragmatic solutions specific to the leadership challenges that usually everyone face