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  • 10 Most Learning Management Software Solution Providers - 2024

    Achieving Mastery in Learning, Making Success Simple Learning management software (LMS) generally consist of features like creating content, managing courses, assessment tools, communication tools, and analytics to improve the learning experience and simplify administrative tasks in educational or training environments. LMS, short for learning management software, is a digital platform or application created to facilitate and oversee the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational content and training programs. It offers a centralized location where educators or trainers can generate, arrange, and deliver courses or learning materials, as well as monitor the progress and performance of learners. "Empowering education , anywhere...

10 Most Learning Management Software Solution Providers - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agiliya Technologies Agiliya Technologies Alok Singh, Co-Founder & Director A consultancy focusing on superior customer experiences, offering technical writing, e-learning, and digital services to the companies who work in an agile software development environment
Bharat Mentors Bharat Mentors Swami Saran Sharma, Founder Expertise in providing e-learning solutions with qualitative, expert professional services rendered efficaciously, sagaciously and with keen attention to details to match client’s requirements
Horizzon Information Technologies Horizzon Information Technologies Vinay Sahni, Director Enhancing the education experience for corporations and management Institutes by providing innovative technology and services, specializing in alpha learn management system
Mentor Learning Mentor Learning Desikamani Gopaladesikan, Founder & CEO The learning & development solutions company catering to clients in India and globally, also providing value-based continuous learning modules to corporate clients across various sectors
Skadept Skadept Hari Gobalan, Co-Founder An innovative learning management system that was designed to use intelligent technology as a means to improve/streamline academic and administrative methodology in schools
VAPS Group VAPS Group R Siddesh Kumar, Managing Director Pioneers educational tech solutions with ERP, LMS, and practical learning tools, offering integrated software, advanced technology infrastructure, and networking solutions all in one place for campus management
VK Creative Learning VK Creative Learning Dhruv Gupta, Founder Delivering complete e-learning and custom content solutions across the globe and specializes in working with corporate houses, universities and institutes to plan their e-learning, m-learning & training needs
Wagons Learning Wagons Learning Vinod Ganjoo, Business Head The company offers customized learning management software solutions, fostering continuous learning & development across diverse industries, also specializing in BFSI & automobile domain-specific training
Xpertcube Xpertcube Arshad Salim, Co-Founder The company focuses on developing web applications, android applications & iOS applications, also provide a distinctive software solution for school management systems, e-learning platforms, and ERP systems
Zionstar EdTech Zionstar EdTech Samuel Santhosh, Founder & CEO Education technology startup focusing on Institutions to adapt and deliver online education and deeply rooted in e-learning platforms, mobile applications and custom software development