Redefining University Research & Innovation Ecosystem

Dr. Shweta Singh, Founder & CEO, Ennoble IP Headquartered in Noida, Ennoble IP is a technology -enabled intellectual property company offering Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright, IP Monetization, and many other services, exclusively for startups, universities, research institution and SMEs.

Higher education is described as being in a time of crisis. Indian University’s innovation is at alarming stage as universities and institutions are not able to provide suitable infrastructure for research. Education has become competitive and so too the educational institutions. This is the time when higher education needs to change its perspective for research and innovation, which should align with institutions’ vision.

The institutions and universities have to define their clear vision with their perspective on research. They need to understand that contemporary higher education needs differentiated academic systems. Not all higher education institutions are research universities; not all postgraduate institutions need to be universities. So it is important that if research & innovation is your vision it should be providing of same kind of ecosystem. Universities have to clearly define their institutional profile, accentuating their own strength. But for a diverse higher education system to be sustainable and successful, it takes both enabling universities to explore adequate directions and appreciating different kinds of excellence.

One of the core objectives of responsible university is to enhance the research and innovation culture, so that it may be beneficial for the society. The innovation ecosystem plays a fundamental role in boosting innovative entrepreneurship by creating new knowledge, by applying novel combinations of existing knowledge, or by recombining existing knowledge in new ways. Universities must undergo revolutionary change if they are to stay relevant. Before considering the future for higher education however, it is worth reflecting on where we have come from.
Rethinking the role of a university lies in expectations concerning universities and economic development and growth. Research in universities has been an important source of innovation ever since in back days, but simply assuming that university research will somehow find its way into useful hands is no longer enough. Research & innovation has the purpose of transforming knowledge for bringing new products or technologies to market. Academic researchers and scientists are motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and recognition from making discoveries and innovations during the scientific process.

IP should be a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions in any increasing knowledge-driven economy

Science and technology are growing alarmingly and consequently the knowledge base of all disciplines is fast expanding. The educational system is invested with the responsibility of absorbing, assimilating and delivering the new knowledge to its incumbents. Higher education therefore has to become competitive. It not only matters how much in terms of quantity, but how good in terms of quality that it delivers the knowledge. Student-centric focus is gradually shifting to student-friendly approaches, and innovations and best practices are adopted to add value and get more mileage in the knowledge delivery.

Presently, the government has realized the need of serious research and innovation at academics for boosting the economy by creating more of novel product and entrepreneurs. Government has made it mandatory for institutes and universities to get indulge in research and innovation, as this has become a compulsory part of their accreditation and ranking system. In recently released Global Innovation Index (GII)2018, India was ranked 57th among 130 countries.

It ranks nations based on 80 indicators, ranging from intellectual property filing rates to R&D, and many other factors. Factors which will help India improve its Global Innovation Index are: World class Universities, Innovation Policies, Strong IP ecosystem, and Steering Innovation.

The value of IP in universities is often not adequately appreciated in India. IP should be a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions in any increasing knowledge driven economy. However, research, innovation and creativity capacity are not always fully exploited as many universities are not aware of the importance of protecting IP generated with in the institutions. The protection of Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs)is said to be the main motivation for inventors to create new inventions with the idea in mind that such inventions will be protected. Also IP is one way to get better ranking and can also generate additional revenue through technology transfer.

Universities and Institutions have to be pro with their research and IPR. The institution which wants to survive in to long run has to look to strengthen their ecosystem of innovation. They have to look into different means for making their relationship strong with industry. The universities will be benefited 360 degree if the take the points discussed seriously.