Outlook On The Present Higher Education Scenario

Shiju Babu, CEO, OBH InfotechOBH is an online education platform which offers world-class programs in the fields of Digitalized Learning Software, Annual Scholarship Programme, Quizzing & Competitive Learning, Web Designing, and many others.

Learning is a process of acquiring new information. In ancient times, we followed the `Guru-kula' system, where the student stayed with the teacher serving him. The bond between the teacher and the student was deep and the knowledge was pure. As time moved on, man got scientific & technologically assisted, with which he acquired new methods to study. The wedge between the student and the teacher increased. The world has taken a leap from the world of palm leaf manuscripts to the world of tablets and virtual classrooms.

Education for the present generation is a sea of opportunities and choices. The students are moulded according to their calibre and their taste. The boundaries of a classroom are long forgotten. The present system of teaching greatly affects the field of education. The learners are given the freedom to discuss their thoughts related to the concept and the subject. The availability of learning software like `Moodle' provides current and student-friendly methods for the learners to enhance their learning independently. Education is not only limited to the academic level, but as Mahatma Gandhi said, "By education, I mean an overall drawing-out of the best in man & childs body, mind and spirit". It cannot be restricted & barred within the walls of a class. The leaner needs to develop his/her personal skills and other soft skills in order to build a complete identity.

The 21st century is an era overwhelmed with all its pride. Each nation has its own cultural varieties and heritage. But the common thread that unites all the mankind is the `technology'. Each day passes by acknowledging us with the new inventions in the technological field.
There is a big gap between the generations before and after the year 2000. The overflow of technology gave a surge in IQ of the present generation. So, it was the responsibility of the teachers to equip the learners to be technologically competent by improving their learning environment.

Why do we need technology/technological aspects in teaching? This is a common question that we see now-a-days. There are many reasons for this. First of all, it is a technique for improving the learning capability of the learners. The usage of audio, visual, or such aids help them to register what they learn. Secondly, it is the creation of a favourable environment for the learner. The external exposure that they get is utilized in the curricular sector too. The practicability of the learned elements is enhanced and made experienced through the technological aspects. `Technology' doesn't mean or it is not a term that simply points-out a computer or a mobile. Instead, it has a wider range of meanings that includes from a piece of decorated paper to the virtual reality classrooms.

Now, the major question is, should the teachers be aware of the so called technology? Of course, the modern era is for the ones who are fit & well equipped. This is the perfect time for the quote, `Survival of the fittest'. There is a popular concept called TPACK, where the teacher must be and should have technological, pedagogical and content knowledge.

Technological knowledge high-lights the practical abilities of the teacher. It focuses on how the teacher imparts the curricular objectives, as well as the elements in the daily life situations. India is one among the prominent nations that are obsessed with the technology and the first thing put forth by our honourable prime minister, Narendra Modi is the `Digital-India,' which symbolizes the entire technological aspects.

There is a huge difference between the traditional so called, `oral teaching' and the new `technologically enriched teaching'. Either a student of the old generation or the new generation surely wishes for something new, innovative, and creative and which is learner oriented. This quest or wish has grown into its peak where the teachers are forced to teach using technological elements. A real teacher is the one who enrich his/her students in the most creative and comfortable manner. The plain oral teaching can be done by anyone, but it becomes so challenging when coming to the usage of technologies.

Many of the modern schools use facilities like smart boards, projectors, computers, language labs, scientific labs, virtual classrooms, flipped class-room teaching, e-based learning and many more. Learners of the new era are searching for `what is new'. The respect factor in this era depends on how advanced the teacher is, rather than how deep the teacher knows about the textual context. Students want teachers who are representatives of TPACK. Because, the information overload from various media and gadgets have set their minds in such a manner that they don't feel comfortable in the traditional way of teaching.