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  • 10 Most Promising Educational Websites for Kids - 2019

    With the society changing towards technology-pattern, its impact is well reflected on the attitudes and likes of modern children. They love to learn subject through videos, computer games and other interactive & fun methods wherein they don’t feel boredom of studying anymore. The online teaching methodology produce far reaching learning benefits for children in contract to ‘drill & kill’ method of traditional teaching techniques wherein it offers multiple ways of active participation, collaboration and comprehension and motivates them to learn further. According to industry data, the domestic market for online education market is expected to touch $1.96 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 52 percent. Foreseeing this, many online players are coming-up...

10 Most Promising Educational Websites for Kids - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CueMath CueMath Manan Khurma, Founder & CEO Cuemath helps children build math competence by enabling them to analyze real-life problems mathematically
Education Quizzes Education Quizzes Colin King, Managing Director Helping students achieve their desires by offering quizzes that blend modern technology without sacrificing traditional teaching and learning methods
Exambazaar Exambazaar Saloni Khandelwal, Co-Founder With the dedicated engagement and management tools, the organization is enabling coacing classes to spend more time focusing on teaching itself, which results directly to better exam preparation experiences
Kidz N Brainz Kidz N Brainz Sathya Sunil, Founder & Director Offers tailor made courses in Abacus, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, Hand Writing, Kidz English, Memory Boosters, Solving Rubik Cube and many more, to improve concentration & memory of kids aged between 5 to 12 years
Meritnation Meritnation Pavan Chauhan, Co-Founder & Managing Director Catering the learning needs of school students across leading educational boards by offering an array of solutions that includes live classes, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, practice tests, expert help and many more
Mocomi Mocomi Jesh Krishna Murthy, Founder & CEO An online platform that is providing children fun activities, educational games, informative videos, and interactive stories by using world class skills in animation
Olympiad Genius Olympiad Genius Shruti Sharma, Directors A cloud-based AI platform built with state of the art technologies to provide highly personalized, progressive and natural learning process to suit every child’s unique development needs to champion Olympiads
Olympiad Helper Olympiad Helper Nehawashini Anil, CEO Provides an objective, in-depth practice platform containing online learning videos plus chapter/topic wise, sample and mock tests, to the students preparing for Olympiad examinations
Pitara Pitara Ajay Jaiman, Founder & Director Creating, distributing & licensing multi-cultural content for children to discover the simple joys of learning and exploring
Press4Kids Press4Kids Marcus Magdelenat, Founder & CEO The first online daily news platform for kids that provides exciting and engaging nonfiction experience, covering wide range of topics from social studies, geography, science and more