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    With the increasing use of smartphones among the kids, education industry has grabbed this opportunity to cut through it to make the kids use smartphones for their betterment - education. While gaiming is one craze that the kids love on smart devices, educators now have transitioned their content and learning activities in the form of gamification via education apps to enable the kids to learn while they play. These education apps are not just confined to the students alone, but are helping bringing and aligning the stakeholders (parents, students and teachers) together. This is immensly helping them to go deep into a student’s ability and capacity to learn and grow. Reports suggest that education app industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.46 percent during the period...

10 Most Promising Education Apps – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aham Learning Hub Aham Learning Hub Ajitha Molakalapalli, Founder Bringing together passionate subject matter experts, 21st century learners and provides personalized & on-demand micro-tutoring services, web & mobile apps for learning assistance
Engvarta Engvarta Ashish Kumar Pandey, Founder Offering secure and anonymous ways to practice English at home for housewives, professionals & students with the help of experts that are always available
EZCom EZCom Bernard Byrne, CTO Offering a wide range of services including school information, communication and security system, interacting on a secure web page on its mobile apps (iOS, Android & Windows mobile)
Fliplearn Fliplearn Ankit Tiwari, Product Manager With its premium products, the company improves the results through personalized learning programs with gamified quizzes,videos and more
Kool Kampus Kool Kampus Dhawal Thakker, Founder Creating and nurturing a student-centric learning system that empowers teachers to go beyond school boundaries by helping them learn at their own pace
Planet Spark Planet Spark Kunal Malik & Maneesh Dhooper, Co-Founders Transforming the way children (grades K-8) learn from highly qualified tutors powered by highly engaging game-based learning content
School Guru School Guru Shantanu Rooj , Founder & CEO One of India's leading technology-led, online learning services organizations that provide premium online and virtual courses for students
Teno Teno Anurag Dixit, Chief Marketing Officer A free-to-use mobile app which provides teachers and parents with instant communication, online fees payment, digital attendance, marks, timetables, and much more, thereby creating a collaborative ecosystem between schools, teachers and parents
Trumath Trumath Sachin Gulati, Founder Helping sttudents learn at their own pace in an engaging way that emphasizes conceptual understanding and the joy of problem solving, instead of a race for only grades