• SkillsDA: A Unique Entity Upskilling Students Into Industry-Ready Experts
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    SkillsDA: A Unique Entity Upskilling Students Into Industry-Ready Experts

    Digitization is quickly becoming the new norm and with more and more people going online, the cyber threats happening in the digital realm are also increasing. The rising cybercrime numbers point to the gravity of the issue, and the imminent need to address it effectively. One name that has been a pioneering brand in the Indian cybersecurity space is SkillsDA, a brand of Ingu's Knowledge Academy Pvt. Ltd. and an ISO-certified Edu tech company focused on emerging technologies particularly cybersecurity, IoT and Blockchain. Starting their operations in 2018, the brand has been growing multifold in the sector owing to their uniqueness and their ability to equip aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the required skills needed to combat serious cyberthreats. SkillsDA has been making...

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