Christy Glory Shanthi: A Teacher Turned Administrator with Phenomenal Track Record

Christy Glory Shanthi,PrincipalTime and again, teachers have been the crucial factor in making a great difference in the life of a child, thereby contributing to the betterment of the industry and world at large. This valuable skill when combined with administration can definitely etch wonders in the journey of a school along with its children and teachers. In fact, history portrays that teachers have always outclassed as the best administrators! One such teacher-turned-administrator is Christy Glory Shanthi, the beloved Principal of Cathedral Composite Pre-University College & High School, who holds a phenomenal track record both during her teaching and administration tenure.

With a deep-rooted passion for teaching, Christy kick-started her journey as a math teacher at Sacred Heart Matriculation School in Valparai, wherein most of the children were labourers across its tea estates and from poor & middle class families. This deeply triggered Christy to rewrite their lives by offering them the best education and wonderful life ahead. Her efforts paid-off when those children painstakingly scored full marks in their exams and a few bagged state ranks too. Christy adds, “This very first success in my life was the key catalyst in stimulating my passion for teaching and moulding me into an excellent administrator”.

The Dawn of Administrations
Christy is a born leader who always believed that effective teamwork is highly essential in taking any institution to newer heights. Very soon, she became the Vice Principal of the school, wherein she learnt a great deal about associating with people, listening to their ideas & concerns, and most importantly, spearheading a school. That’s when her knack for administrating took shape! Later, she moved-on to Palani and fostered a lot of children to excel not just in education, but in sports too. When posed with few problems in arranging special classes in the night, she convinced the women police to take care of the girls’ safety. In fact, one of the girls even came first in school that very year, while Christy bagged The Best Principal Award! Christy then shifted to Namakkal, which was an encouraging period of her career. Even there, she achieved good results and successfully organized many awareness programs on the significance of education.

Post her stint at Vellore as Founder Principal of a renowned school, Christy joined Velammal Matriculation School, Madurai and then Cathedral Composite PU College & High School, Bangalore. Today, she stands at the forefront to promote holisitc development of
over 3,800 students in high school and 500 students in PU college of Cathedral. Earning the most coveted position – Principal of Cathedral was quite easy for Christy due to her long-standing experience in running esteemed institutions and also comprehending the nuances of parent-student and parent-teacher relationships. Despite heavy competition, she proved her worth both during written test and interview with the school’s Chairman.

Christy is a born leader who always believed that effective teamwork is highly essential in taking any institution to newer heights

Enlightening Journey
Established in 1866 by the Rev. Samuel Thomas Pettigrew, Cathedral is comprised of high school (nursery, junior, middle and high school) under ICSE board and PU college under state board. Especially in high school, apart from class nine and 10, all text books are meticulously chosen by Christy along with the HOD’s guidance, based on its publisher and content. Christy articulates, “We conduct orientation programs for every teacher on mentoring them about how to prepare notes, teach and evaluate”. At Cathedral, the content of every note is scrutinized by the HOD and sent back to the teachers for corrections. Post this, Christy personally ensures to give them suggestions on these notes, besides regular supervision of homework (only three subjects per day) and term exams of students. She also takes diligent care of everyday activities at the school and engages in frequent meetings with coordinators of junior, middle & high school and PU college along with other staff members.

Speaking of admission, she makes sure to personally interview students from nursery to kindergarten, followed by simple numerical and alphabetical tests while conducting written test cum interviews for students from 1st till 10th class. Students and parents are advised to regularly attend parent-student meetings, wherein she enlightens them about the progress in education and extracurricular activities of their children. She also stays in constant touch with parents through call or WhatsApp to consider their opinions and concerns. Besides education, Christy focuses on imparting values, respect, love and social motives to every child by organizing several motivational programs and seminars. The school also contributes to the society through its social service schemes, and to the mother earth through green club and eco-friendly programs.

No wonder, Cathedral has witnessed 100 percent results in education and sports last year along with awards like 7th Best School in Bangalore and 3rd Best School in Shanti Nagar by TOI and Best ICSE Co-Ed School in South Asia at Asia’s Education Awards 2019. Christy was also felicitated as the Best Principal in Bangalore. None of this could be achieved without the relentless support and encouragement from her husband, parents and children. Her profession has always been her first priority, wherein she puts all her heart and soul with no compromises. Christy concludes, “I believe that the education industry in India must emphasize on value education of children rather than just mugging up concepts”.

Christy Glory Shanthi, Principal
Christy outshines as a born leader harnessing the best of her experiences in teaching and administration to upscale The Cathedral.

Hobbies: Travelling, listening to music & reading books
Cuisines: South Indian (Dosa)
Travel Destination: Australia

To the Budding Education Leaders:
Share your life experiences with your students and consider your profession as a part & parcel of your life. When you remember how crucial your profession is in protecting and supporting your family, success will definitely find its way!