Vivify Solutions: A Synonym for Timely & Quality End-to-End Services

VishwasGoyal,Founder & CEO

Vishwas Goyal, Founder & CEO

It’s no secret that time is a finite resource. If you don’t manage your time wisely, you won’t be able to get things done efficiently, especially in the eLearning segment. You may miss-out on meeting your goals, and the learners will fail the training often enough, and get toofar behind on their course. Therefore, the adherence to the delivery date is crucial in eLearning space.

Vivify Solutions whose strength lies in its integrity & adherence to timelines, excels in delivering projects in short TAT or crunch deadlines as per the client’s requirement without jeopardising the quality. “There have been projects where the timelines were pretty stringent, but we delivered them on-time. When other vendors deny working in crunch deadlines, we grab these opportunities and make most of it. This is where we are different from others,” adds Vishwas Goyal, Founder & CEO, Vivify Solutions. Thanks to this swift service, Vivify, during its tenure in the industry for a short period of four years, has acquired more than 75 percent of its clients (corporates & schools)through word of mouth. Aiming to further enhance the delivery, Vivify is
currently advancing its internal process of delivering quality projects and reducing the TAT.

Encompassing Client's Requirements
An innovative & efficient solution provider trying to address a client’s all eLearning requirements, Vivify offers customized end-to-end eLearning services. Right from identifying their eLearning needs, creating the strategy, identifying solutions, creating storyboards, developing content with the help of subject-matter experts to developing the eLearning courses, the company has a solution for all the requirements. It offers end-to-end LMS development and implementation services, helping educational institutions and enterprises in managing, administrating & tracking eLearning training programs, thereby eliminating the need of manual records.

"When other vendors deny working in crunch deadlines, we grab these opportunities and make most of it"

A digital services provider with strong expertise in graphic design, animated videos, and translation & localization services, Vivify develops Game-based Learning, Scenario-based Learning, Learning Simulations and Animated 2D, Whiteboard & Infographic videos. Thanks to these interactive & visually appealing solutions, the learners are able to learn in a fun way and achieve their learning objectives in a dreamy way. As scientifically proven, such an engaging learning has higher retention & recall rate
than any other solution, and Vivify’s interactive assessments help the learner evaluate how much they have learned. Keeping abreast of the market trends, Vivify in 2018 introduced micro-learning or learning nuggets in its curriculum through which it is using videos to deliver micro-learning. This has helped it in addressing the learning objectives expeditiously & efficiently without losing the learner’s attention. All these interactive services can be accessed by learner online anytime.

Backed by a team of experienced & young guns with each department having one expert - script writing, instructional design, visualisation, graphic design, integration, development and quality assurance, Vivify offers writing, programming and design & multimedia services under one roof. Through these services, this one-stop-shop provides all solutions for online education & training needs. This astute model is the result of its belief - clients are an integral part of the company, and fosters customer-owner relationships.

Thanks to its customer-centric approach, this 2014-established company has crossed the highest revenue generated in any of the financial years since its inception this year and is concocting another growth trajectory. Vivify is planning to promote its services & solutions, implement emerging technologies & solutions, and enhance its workforce to expand its footprint, while preparing itself for any unforeseen challenges.