• Clearly Blue Digital: The Yen to Story telling Rippled in eLearning Platform
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    Clearly Blue Digital: The Yen to Story telling Rippled in eLearning Platform

    Storytelling in eLearning might seem easy. You brainstorm a few characters, toss them into a realistic environment, and throw obstacles their way. But there is a lot more to it than a spinning yarn. From creating persuasive stories that motivate online learners and foster emotional connections, to binding them with real world benefits, objectives and applications, storytelling in eLearning is an art and a science. Bengaluru-based content design studio Clearly Blue Digital has made significant inroads in this effort with targeted practices in content marketing and eLearning. Established in 2016, Cleary Blue comprises a talented team of 20+ content strategists, creative designers and video storytellers, backed by leaders experienced in building eLearning technology in the US. Many of...


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