Azim Premji University: Proliferating Pro-Social Academic Excellence

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Azim Premji


Established in 2010, proffering courses in streams of humanities, social sciences, sciences and law, Azim Premji University was recognized by the UGC for its "exceptionally qualified faculty" and "some scholars of outstanding merit.” Set up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, the university aims to prepare its graduates with great competence, integrity and social commitment and seeks to enroll students from diverse backgrounds aligned to its core values. With an objective of building up a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society, the university is committed to a specific value orientation.

The academic programs aim to prepare students to be independent thinkers and autonomous learners, collaborating on the lines of equity and justice. This has enabled the university to develop curricula that focuses on understanding & working out ethical and practical implications of knowledge developed in the programme.

Azim Premji University is organized into 5 schools and a university wide research center. With a campus that accommodates a vibrant environment, the student community enjoys the benefit of the facilities granted by the university. Housing classrooms equipped with audio visual equipment, seminar hall, conference rooms with video-conferencing facilities, and
multiple discussion rooms the students are exposed to a
self-contained learning space that fosters an exemplary learning environment and fulfilling campus experiences.

Pertaining to the wide cultural diversity within the campus, shared interests among the students proliferate participation in various events that promote leadership and management skills that come with their participation in the several extra- curricular activities. The Sports Club, Culture Club, Celluloid Club, Poetry Club, Media and Editorial Club are some among many that cater to the talent development aspects of students thereby providing a complete holistic experience.

To contribute to the realization of a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society, the university envisions seeing all its students engaged with and contributing to the social sector, in a variety of roles thus, offering extensive need-based scholarships with full and partial financial coverage additionally welcoming over 250 organizations to participate in its campus placements, resulting in an excellent placement record.