Wonderkids: Creating a World for Children to Celebrate Childhood

Bindu Stephens,Managing Director

Bindu Stephens

Managing Director

Malcolm Stephens is a well-know name in the Indian corporate circle. Since 1993, he has been providing consultation, coaching, training and value added services in the areas of Training & Development, Retailing, Service Management, Human Resource Management, and Personal and Organizational Transformation for leading organizations in India. In more than 23 years of positive existence, he has trained and developed more than 250 organizations and over 45000 people. However, Stephens has taken up a different challenge which he is extremely passionate aboutas the Founder Director and Mentor of Wonderkids, an institution that he created in 2002 at Navi Mumbai with his wife Bindu Stephens to provide quality education to children through its Preschool activities,."My love for kids made me work for them.
During my college days, I used to spend a lot of time with kids in orphanages and I always wanted to setup a quality education institution that would nurture their talent from a very young age and also celebrate childhood,"says Stephens.

An inspiring and motivating visionary, Stephens has nurtured Wonderkids from its inception to its present stage. His dynamic leadership enabled the preschool to establish the right organizational framework and direction. As part of the founding team, Bindu has also been instrumental in evolving Wonder kids and transforming it into a quality oriented institution renowned for positively developing and nurturing children from an early age. At Wonderkids, they have developed a multi dimensional mode of learning where all the five senses are used for a child's age appropriate learning. This approach being the basis of the curriculum, the preschool extensively usethe play way method to make learning more fun. "Here, the learning is an enjoyable experience as we try to include different activities like rhymes and songs, dance and movement, writing, free play and games, picture talk, interactive audio visuals, dramatics, alphabets and numbers, nature and outdoor activities and so on," claims Stephens.
Stephens is extremely passionate about quality in all that he is associated with, which is reflected in his preschool too. Hence, Wonder kids follows a competency model based on knowledge, skills and ability for the recruitment of its team members. "We need people who love children but at the same time they need to have the appropriate competencies for being a teacher," adds Stephens. Apart from the competency check, teachers undergo various training programs, which completely transforms their knowledge, skills & abilities to be an effective teacher. Stephens works with extreme diligence for the kids and now he has plans to start Wonder kids for underprivileged children, as he believes that childhood is the most beautiful thing that can happen in a individual's life and every one deserves to celebrate it.

"We want to celebrate the joy of childhood with some truly memorable moments, which will leave a indelible positive impression for the future and with this intention we would like to expand our wings worldwide with out diluting the real essence of Wonderkids," concludes Stephens.