We Care: the Name Says It All

Reshma Shrinivas,Founder and Managing Director

Reshma Shrinivas

Founder and Managing Director

What is in a name? When it comes to setting up a new business, a name does a lot. The right name can make a company the talk of the town, while the wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. A name is the face of any organization, some thing that customers will see on the front line. Therefore, Reshma Shrinivas, mother of two, was very particular about the name when she decided to open a daycare (early childcare and learning center) for the children who needed motherly care outside their home. "Though, many unique names were suggested in the beginning, I wanted a simple name that would explain the objective of my early childcare centre and We Care was born out of that thought. Even children can pronounce it without any difficulty," says Reshma, Founder and Managing Director, WeCare Learning Pvt Ltd. Indeed, it was through the name 'WeCare,' Reshma could reach many hearts.

From the name of the daycare cum preschool to the curriculum, Reshma had a clear view about the functioning of WeCare and the objectives that she wanted to achieve through it. Being a mother enhanced her understanding about a child's natural sense of curiosity and thus she has been working with a team who are facilitators rather than teachers. "We are the first daycare to admit children from six weeks of age and we have
professionally qualified nurses to take care of these infants," claims Reshma. A nurse gives the first motherly care to the baby and it was this primary thought, which made Reshma to hire nurses for providing care for infants. Reshma ensures a complete space for the children aging from six weeks to twelve years. As the name reflects, the team involving nurses and well trained and caring teachers completely take care of the children.

For the WeCare team, the term 'care' is not just about the physical well being of the child; it involves the overall development of the child and laying the foundation for the child to be a life-long learner. The We Care team includes Nurses, Pediatricians and Nutritionists to ensure utmost care and well-being of the children. Starting from the infants and up to preschool age, WeCare follows a specific child-oriented curriculum. They provide holistic developmental opportunities to the children including personal, social, emotional and creative development as well as language, math and literary development. Realizing the truth that each child is unique with individual learning styles and abilities, WeCare makes continuous efforts for tapping each child's potential. "Our integrated curriculum uses the Multiple Intelligence Approach to nurture and develop the child's intelligences," says Reshma. The specialized approach aims at personalizing education for each child by nurturing, applying, strengthening and developing the individual intelligences.

From the day of establishment in 2008, We Care has been fulfilling the title objective through the caring facilitators who are educationally qualified and professionally committed. "There is nothing that we need to teach children. We need to let them learn than teaching them and there is a
lot of difference between teaching a child and letting them learn. Finding the right people who can facilitate learning continues to be a challenge for us," opines Reshma. The team of facilitators employed by WeCare is aware that children learn through experience and exploration. As WeCare has children with different age groups, the teaching strategies and environment setup is personalized based on the age appropriate development of the children. Teachers play an active role in facilitating the growth of a child by creating objective for each activity and ensuring that every child's needs are met. The facilitators of learning are also trained with major life saving skills to act upon instantly during an emergency. "We have a good repeat value - parents come with their second child to us as they had a very good experience from WeCare for the first one," says Reshma. The increasing repeat value is the reflection of the quality-learning environment that WeCare has been providing.

Even though Reshma has an IT background, her passion towards early childcare and learning made WeCare an overnight success and currently she is managing 13 centers spread across more than 1,10,000 sqft. WeCare is the early childcare partner of over 40 corporate entities. At We Care, understanding the needs of children from 19 nationalities, a caring team of over 300 passionate individuals creates a second home to nurture over 950 children each day. "In the near future, we intend to extend our reach to Chennai and Pune. We will also continue to help working mothers with an assurance that the child has reached the right place," concludes Reshma.