Avani Preschool: Where Learning is Fun

Sanghamitra Nandkumar,PrincipalFor people who work hard five days a week Fridays will bring a lot of joy as it will lead them to the next two days of freedom from hectic works. However, for kids at Avani Preschool, located in Coimbatore, Friday brings a lot of fun, as it is the day to celebrate a new learning experience with a twist. "Friday can be a color day or shape day or vegetable day or fruit day. Because, every Friday we celebrate a new way to learn through activities, and celebration is the best way to accomplish it," says Sanghamitra Nandkumar, Principal, Avani Preschool.

Started in 2013, Avani Preschool has been providing primary education with utmost care. The
preschool is known for providing special care to every individual child admitted and their mission is to'create a unique and amazing learning environment that lay a foundation for children through Montessori frame work.'"Each child is special and every one comes with their own level of understanding. As a facilitator, we need to spend lot of time to bring the best in them as they grasp everything on their level of perception," opines Sanghamitra, who pursued a course in Montessori due to an interest in child psychology that developed after she entered into motherhood.As she found it was helpful in bringing up their own son,Sanghamitra with help of her husband established Avani Preschool believing it could turn to be helpful to other parents.

Avani preschool follows the Montessori approach of learning, which is about teaching concepts according to kid's perception. The curriculum focuses on various aspects affecting a child's normal mental growth. Active listening, Refinement of senses, Gross motor and Fine motor development, Early Language development, Social-Emotional Development and Value Reinforcement are various facets
of the syllabus which is acted upon on weekly basis at Avani Preschool. At present, the preschool has 22 children and receives utmost care by four teaching and non-teaching staff respectively. The teaching staffs have an average experience of four years and are certified in Montessori learning. With visual and audio illustrations of different concepts through storytelling, songs and rhymes, each child is made to understand the concepts.

The institute has extended from pre-school to high school under CBSE and is expecting more ventures in imparting education. Although the preschool keeps only a selected number of children, it is only to provide a better foundation for a better life ahead to the young ones. Among other schools, which provide primary education, Avani Preschool has stood strong to provide love and care to the learning process making it easier for the kids who must take the load of heavier school bags later in their life. May not be today, but they will be realizing soon that education is more fun than boredom only because of Avani.